Broken Hardys Finally Coming To WWE?


Jeff and Matt Hardy have become one of the hottest things in all of the wrestling business while they were using their broken gimmick and performing for the TNA Impact Wrestling. They have put this company on the map and were the only thing that was holding that place together. All of this is why everybody was wondering why they didn’t go all in to keep the Hardys in the company.

It is bad enough that they let them walk away, but they actually let them go to the WWE, the company that TNA has been chasing and trying to top. Hardys were their biggest attraction, and they have switched companies and joined the largest player in the wrestling business.


TNA Impact really didn’t handle them leaving properly as they decided that the gimmicks which Hardys used in the Impact Zone are not going to be allowed in the WWE. This company is the reason why we are not seeing the broken Hardys today in the WWE. Even though they are not going to use the gimmick ever again, TNA wanted to prevent them from using it on Monday Night Raw.

Vince tried to reach some kind of agreement with TNA’s management, but they were actually never close to getting a mutually satisfying deal. Until now. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that the Hardys are very close to acquiring their gimmick back. It looks like the talks between two sides have progressed and that we might be seeing the General in the Great War back in action.

Matt Hardy has also used his Twitter account to thank everybody that has given their support to the brothers and that the “war” for the broken gimmick is almost over. We might see Broken Matt on Raw as soon as next week after the Great Balls of Fire pay per view.