Bobby Roode Has His Main Roster Dream Match Set


The NXT brand has always had its major star, the one guy that is just standing tall above everybody else. Back in the day, Seth Rollins was that guy. Then, guys like Neville and Bo Dallas were at the top of the food chain. Days of Finn Balor as the face of the NXT brand were maybe the best days in the history of this brand. Shinsuke Nakamura soon took over after Finn Balor made his main roster debut.

Now, Bobby Roode is that guy for the developmental brand. WWE did something amazing with him in just one night what TNA and other promotions that he had worked for couldn’t do for years and years. The star was born in Bobby Roode ever since the company released his theme song. The WWE universe fell in love with it right away, it gave him the character and something to work with.


His persona, the act and the gimmick itself are all based on the theme song that he uses, “Glorious Domination,” one of the best in the whole WWE and the wrestling world today. There is no doubt that the company is planning to make him a big star on the main roster. But, until the new leader of the NXT brand shows up, Roode will continue to lead the NXT. When it comes to possible dream matches on the main roster for him, here is what he had to say.

“I think if I’m looking at it right now, a John Cena is always first and foremost. I think John has been the guy for over a decade there now and I think just to wrestle Cena at WrestleMania would be pretty amazing. But there are a lot of guys there that I would love to do some stuff with. I mean, obviously, Roman. Roman’s a huge star. And I think Seth Rollins and Seth kind of took a similar path that I did. He did a lot of indies and stuff and then got his break in NXT, and he got called up, and there he is now.”