Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Makes A Strong Statement About Brock Osweiler

Denver had planned to put Brock Osweiler under the center ever since Payton Manning announced his retirement. He surprised them all, took the money and ran to Houston to join the Texans. He left them in a complete mess at the quarterback position. They didn’t want to give him the kind of money that Houston did, and they let him walk.

A crew from Denver know what he is capable and they know exactly what they need to do to stop Texans’ signal caller on Monday night game. It’s clear that they will go at Osweiler as hard as it’s possible. They will try to lay him out and do it within the rules. Broncos’ linebacker Brandon Marshall didn’t hold back when he was asked about his former quarterback.

“It’s Brock. We know Brock. He came from here. And we want to kill him. That’s just what we want to do,” Marshall stated.


Broncos’ defense will be extra motivated for that Monday Night Football game against the Texans. They are one of the best and toughest defenses in the NFL. Brock Osweiler hasn’t been impressive to start the season, so this matchup against his former team is a tough task for him. They are not only a great defense, but they are motivated and can legally hit him. Brock will need to bring his A-game on Monday if he wants to get out of there well and victorious.