Broncos’ Loss Puts Them Out Of The Playoff Picture


Denver Broncos were out of the Playoff picture going into Week 13, but Miami’s loss and their win in Jacksonville put them back in the mix for the postseason. Well, they will be going into Week 15 again with the mindset that they need to win in order to get into the Playoff picture as they lost to the Titans in Week 14.

Trevor Siemian missed last round match against the Jags, but he was there in Tennessee today. Even though he was back, the offense didn’t show up today as they failed to put the points on the board in first half. Yes, they were able to score 10 points in the second half while keeping the Titans scoreless, but that was good only for a 13:10 loss to a worse team.


Yes, the Titans are on the rise and are now tied for the divisional lead with the Texans, but they are not the squad that Broncos should be losing to at this point of the season.

Miami won its duel against Arizona at home, so that means that the Broncos are outside looking in right now. To make things even worse, they needed this win badly, since this week’s opponent is much easier to beat than their next round rival. New England Patriots will be visiting Denver next week in what has become a must-win situation for the Broncos. The good news for this crew is that Miami will also have to play the Patriots one more time this season. But, that is still not going to help them feel better about their chances after this heart-breaking loss.