‘Tokyo Ghoul’ season 3 – will the new season be released at all?

Source: wallsdesk.com

With an immense success achieved throughout the first two seasons, it is not difficult to presume that the next logical step would be the release of the third season of a popular Japanese manga series – Tokyo Ghoul. The creation of Sui Ishida is highly-anticipated among its fans who are having some doubts on whether the third season will come to the surface at all.

At first, it was said that the sequel would hit the screens during this year. As the year was passing by, new reports about series being postponed for the winter of 2016 started to circulate. But to the dismay of many, according to the newest reports, the next season will be postponed for an indefinite period.

However, as reported by Master Herald, the series will not face a cancellation, but instead, it will delight its fans with “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 as early as in March, 2017.

Source: en.yibada.com

Apparently, the cause of all problems derives from certain disturbance among the production team. Few episodes are already prepared for launch, but there are not enough episodes to complete the season. Ishida is also rumored to be working on some other projects besides this one, such as the anime series – Hunter X Hunter. Aside from that, the rumors also circulate around Studio Pierrot, the anime’s original showrunner, as it is said to have handed it to Madhouse, Inc.

If it lives to see the season 3, Tokyo Ghoul will show us its darker sides which we did not have a chance to see in the previous seasons. For this reasons, the series may not be children appropriate. Kaneki is predicted to transform into a Kakuja and said to find the new obstacle in another villain.

Despite the rumours, “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 is expected to live up to its expectations and be released very soon. Stay tuned.