Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Week 11 Picks And Predictions


Cincinnati Bengals have shot themselves in the foot by losing to the Giants on Monday Night. It was the game that they needed to win but failed to do so. Luckily for them, Steelers also dropped their game against the Cowboys, so Cincy is still alive in the division. Looking at the table and rankings it is a fact that this team missed a golden opportunity to sneak behind Ravens and Bengals.

On the other hand, the Buffalo Bills still have a shot at the Wild Card spot. At least one squad will come out from the AFC West as a Wild Card, but we still don’t know who that other team will be. Bills could take it, but they need to start winning games just like they did in late September and early October.

Andy Dalton has had a decent season. He could have performed better on Sunday, but it was not all his fault that they lost. Yes, he made some mistakes, but this defense is nowhere near the level of their talent and what they could do. Wide open Odell in the end zone just can’t happen. Bills defense has improved, so it will be interesting to see how will they handle a star like AJ Green.


LeSean McCoy was the man for this squad when they were winning. As soon as he got injured, this offense and this entire team took a nose dive. Tyrod Taylor has done a good job this year with his legs and extending plays, but there is no doubt about the fact who is the real MVP of this offense. It’s LeSean McCoy returning fantastic figures or bust for the Bills on offense.

Even though Bills are coming off a small break, rested and ready to go, we are going to pick the Bengals to get this one and be victorious on their home turf. They need te win, and they will get it by beating the Bills 24:23.