“Grand Theft Auto 6” News & Update: VR support and some other new features


Sad news for all those fans that were eagerly awaiting “Grand Theft Auto 6” who feel down in depression upon hearing the latest announcement – the new game will not be released for the time being. Rockstar Games has decided to direct their focus on some more important projects. Their first target seems to be “Red Dead Redemption 2” and its release in 2017. This most likely means that the new “Grand Theft Auto 6” title will not reach its audience before 2018. Although it is said that the game is in its development process there are even some presumptions that its arrival will be postponed for 2024. Obviously, the players are still enjoying the game’s fifth sequel, but that is not enough for most, they are hoping for the sooner arrival of the next chapter.

One of the novelties that “Grand Theft Auto 6” is said to be bringing about is the inclusion of Virtual Reality support. Some guess that this is the reason for the new game’s postponement. The gamers are looking forward to this improvement as their gaming experience will be much more similar to a real-life.


Another feature that could be incorporated is a female character the players can opt for. However, not only is there an improvement regarding the protagonists, but there could also be some changes in the field of maps and locations the players can follow.

One should have in mind that these rumors need to be taken with a pinch of salt until they are affirmed by Rockstar Games. While waiting for the additional announcements regarding the new game let’s hope that the release day will come sooner than expected.