Bugatti’s Yacht Will Cost $2.2 Million

Being rich definitely has its perks, but sometimes the persons of means don’t know what do out of boredom, so they buy a lot of useless stuff they can definitely do without. Wealthy people want nothing but top-of-the-class cars and Bugatti Chiron is the perfect example. It is a masterpiece in design and luxury, but for it, you would have to pay $2.6 million and only those filthy rich own this vehicle.

In order to compliment the Chiron, Bugatti offers its superyacht that costs $2.2 million. The company officially announced that it would join forces with yacht builder Palmer Johnson and produce a series of three luxurious boats. This series would be named “Niniette”, a nickname of Lidia Bugatti, who is a daughter of company founder Ettore. We are not used to seeing Bugatti boats, but all three are covered in titanium and carbon fiber and painted in company’s trademark blue, which means that quality will not lack, that is for sure.

The first boat in a series is called Niniette 66 and it can be found in different sizes from 50 to 80 feet in length. Many of Bugatti’s signature engineering traits can be seen on these boats and accentuated center line, symmetry and a sweeping curve is the perfect examples. The yacht can go only 50 mph or, be more precise, 44 knots, but the speed is not the focus since there are ultra-luxury items inside.

Leather covers the roomy deck, but blue morta oak or “bog-wood” is also used and it became famous because it cannot deteriorate for thousands of years. On the lower deck, there is a sun pad, a champagne bar and believe it or not – a jacuzzi. Let’s not try to understand or go into why anyone would build a jacuzzi into a yacht, but this boat also has a fire pit on! The simple guess would be that Bugatti tried to wow the richest of the rich with this yacht – it is so crazy that most would want to have it.