Lincoln Moves SUV Production To China

Currently, Lincoln imports its vehicle into China and they don’t have a single production factory in the world’s largest market, but this is about to change since the company takes every step necessary to move its production there.

In order to catch up with the other automakers, Lincoln will start producing its SUVs in China by the end of 2019, according to AutoNews. One statement of the automaker’s local arm says that Ford’s luxury brand will develop and produce a completely new SUV that will be intended for the Chinese market and the carmaker is expected to use an ongoing assembly facility which cooperates with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co to make this possible.

The manufacturer declared: “The move to local production is a key next step in Lincoln’s evolution in China and will complement continued imports from North America.” There is even an official confirmation that Lincoln is currently developing the SUV intended for the Chinese market, but there are no details whatsoever about the new model.

The Ford-Changan joint venture is dealing with bureaucracy at the moment as they are trying to get an approval to produce vehicles in China. It is only a matter of time when that will happen and once this vehicle hit the market it will definitely boost the company’s sales. We need to mention that, last year, the company saw an increase of 180 percent.

The vehicle that you can see in the photo is the new Lincoln Navigator Concept and it is possible that the new SUV will be based on it, but that is only a speculation. Is moving production to China a good move for Lincoln?