Should You Build A Church App Or Simply Optimize Your Website – 2024 Guide

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A lot of people find church apps promising & helpful, while others prefer to navigate everything through a site. What do you prefer? Wondering if you should build a church app or optimize your site? The opportunity in church websites is for first-time visitors since it needs to grasp their attention. A great church website can make it easy for community members to find upcoming events and service times, while the app itself will help with songs, inspirational quotes, as well as constant weekly reminders. Here, we are going to help you choose & make up your mind!

Top 5 facts to know about a website approach

1. Try to optimize for Google

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The best church websites are optimized for Google and they are always presented on the top page. A lot of people prefer websites that have locations next to them. If your church is in a safe, quiet, and family-friendly environment, there is a huge chance that it is going to get visited. Just make sure that you list out the address and all the other important information/data such as its working hours for its visitors.

2. Mobile optimization

Your site needs to be mobile-friendly. This doesn’t mean that you need to have an app right from the start, but that your site needs to be phone-friendly and that it needs to be navigated with ease. Millennials and Gen-Z’s are all about phone use & approach, so why not appeal to them? Not a lot of people go to their laptops or computers nowadays just to find a church that is nearby.

3. You need speed at all times

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No one likes a slow website + there is a huge chance that your visitors are going to click off and find something new within the first 10 seconds if your site is lagging. So, if you can’t get their attention and if you are not working at full speed – what are you doing? Time to optimize and give out quality.

4. Add your sermons to the site

The best church websites include engaging content. This is why you should consider adding 5-10 minutes of a sermon. Some people might prefer & want even more of them. You can show the character & a vibe of your church through these sermons, which is great for first-timers who are thinking about visiting your church.

5. Add a follow-up feature

If a scheduled visitor attends service on Sunday they might want to do a follow-up (if they end up finding the church & the service impressive). A follow-up message from the pastor in video form could be a great way to get someone’s attention. Something short & sweet could end up looking personal + it is quite easy to do with a website.

Top 7 facts about going for an app

1. You can build community

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Your site needs to provide information potential visitors are seeking, and it needs to be available for both Android & Apple users. However, your app needs to add other elements & layers. Not a lot of first-timers will download the app, but you should know that the app is a common go-to for regular visitors.

2. Passive income

Once your website & your app are out there and running you should know that both of them can make you some passive income. The more hits & clicks it gets, the higher the impact and the better the profit. This is why you need to properly set it up from the start.

3. No coding skills are required

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You don’t require any coding skills in church app development or department, which makes it easy & practical for most users. Make sure that you think about its display, color use, as well and inspirational message that will inspire every visitor.

4. Always on the go

In case your website is not phone-friendly you can always open your app when out and about. Get all of your needed information in just one click and figure out when is the next service, who is holding it, get the right inspirational quote for the day, etc.

5. The perk of push notifications

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Another important feature in building a church app is the push notification feature that a lot of users fancy. The more the merrier rule does apply in this case. Push notification is a way of keeping the members informed about what is happening + all events that are held each day.

6. Calendar events

Including a calendar of future events will make the job a lot easier on everyone’s end. With the help of the calendar or events feature, members can mark certain programs and set reminders to events. With this process, you will get regular reminders + you won’t forget to do the task or get in touch/contact with someone from the church before the big event/day.

7. Enjoy the app analytic

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If you are a fan of the numbers & analysis you will get it with the app. This feature gives you an insight into how your members interact with the mobile application. With the right data and information that is written out, you will know what type of changes or moderations will have to be made.

Do you need a bit of help?

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