Building Your Professional Network

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There’s a very common saying that goes ‘it’s not about what you know but who you know.’ And for many students trying to find jobs, this is obviously true. Building your professional network is incredibly important in setting you up for your career.

However, many are concerned as to where one should begin in the construction of said network.

Here are 3 quick tips to assist you in getting started!

1. Join a University Club or Society

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This is one of the easiest and hassle-free places to begin laying the foundations for your network. Clubs and societies are not only a great way to build your personal networks and meet new people, but professional development societies in particular regularly hold seminars, social events and networking nights, providing you an opportunity to gain industry insights from partners of firms and university alumni.

These are held very often, so be sure to get involved as this is your greatest asset in building your network!

2. Get involved online

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According to Premium Graduate Placements, which LinkedIn profile you can see here and create a LinkedIn Profile and make sure that you constantly keep it up-to-date. LinkedIn is another fantastic resource that you can use and based on your career preferences and experience will actually connect you with a number of mutual contacts for you to follow up on. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to directly message these contacts, allowing you to potentially foster a rapport with other professionals. Recruiters often use the platform to look for candidates and to follow up on their skills and experience.

Additionally, Twitter is a great platform for you to get in touch with recruiters. Connect with potential employers simply by liking, retweeting or engaging with items that they post. After a few interactions, you may be able to reach out to them and compliment their post in order to build a rapport with them.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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On Kev’s Best site it says that when it comes to building your network, it will seem daunting and uncomfortable at first. That’s because it will be. You need to be willing to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone to make formal and informal connections on a regular basis. Recruiters will appreciate the initiative and confidence.

Especially on platforms such as LinkedIn, you have access to a number of recruiters that can be directly messaged; message them! Ask them to meet up over coffee, and use this opportunity to gain industry insights and career insights, or whatever else you may be curious about.

Once more, this displays your initiative and commitment to developing your professional career!