Best Sites to Buy N95 Masks in Canada

Until a few months ago, Canada’s measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak seemed to be working well. Through practices such as social distancing and hand hygiene, the country effectively reduced its number of daily cases from May 2024 onward.

However, as the region focused more on reopening practices, the dangers of the pandemic started to become prominent. This phenomenon has recently become more evident: As we make our way through October, Canada has already twice surpassed its previous all-time high of daily COVID-19 cases.

This calls for greater attention to safety practices such as face masks, which can help lower the spread of COVID-19 in various settings. While the general public can turn to homemade cloth masks for this purpose, healthcare professionals need to look into a specialized N95 mask to protect themselves in the line of duty. This also makes these respirators harder to find than general masks. Click here.

While most retailers such as Canada Tire and The Home Depot have stopped selling N95 respirators altogether, other reliable vendors in Canada have continued to ensure that you can get this personal protective equipment (PPE) without added problems.

Some of these sellers even deliver their services completely online, which means that you don’t have to physically run through multiple stores for your filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs).

To help you find these online vendors and complete your purchase in a seamless way, here are some of the best sites to buy N95 respirators in Canada. Best for Overall N95 Mask Purchase

During the COVID-19 outbreak, has emerged as one of the most popular online sellers of essential PPE. With a wide range of reliable brands and original equipment in place, the website has proven its mettle during these demanding times.

The best part? The online store has a seamless user interface (UI) that makes sure you can find your required N95 face masks without running into any problems.

With various payment and shipping options, the process isn’t different from a typical online shopping experience. But due to a robust supply chain support, the website allows you to order larger PPE quantities than specific retail vendors.

All you have to do is find your N95 respirators, specify the quantity, and process the payment. Your masks reach your doorstep within the outlined shipping time frame. This makes sure that as you or your healthcare facility battle on the frontline of COVID-19, you don’t have to stress yourself with unnecessary steps on the side.

Since this is an established PPE supplier, you can find your masks and any other equipment without jumping from one website to the other. This adds another level of convenience that is typically not available through other vendors. A Good Option to Keep in Mind for Your FFRs

Amazon announced back in April that it wouldn’t sell PPE, such as N95 mask respirators, to non-healthcare or non-government entities. With that being said, it still allows these masks to be purchased by authorized facilities.

This means that as a healthcare professional, you can find your essential supply of FFRs and other equipment from the eCommerce behemoth. With that being said, it is quite critical to know that the platform doesn’t always have N95 respirators in place. Due to high demand, these masks are often out of stock and unavailable on the website.

But when they are available, you can order them using Amazon’s famous shopping and delivery infrastructure. The reviews are right there for you to see, and so are buyer questions and seller answers. You can also rest assured in Amazon’s anti-price-gouging efforts that were put in place after a few adverse incidents. However, you might not be able to order your required quantity of masks right away.

Altogether, these restrictions make this option come with massive stipulations to boot. But it is still a good point to keep in mind when you cannot find your PPE anywhere else. Another Option That Requires Vigilance

Since the N95 mask is widely used in construction settings to protect the wearer from dust particles, Rona typically has it in stock.

But it’s prudent to note that the hardware store chain doesn’t always offer the supply from 3M, which is the most renowned manufacturer of N95 respirators. That is why you need to be extra vigilant in ensuring that the product you are purchasing comes from reliable brands that offer optimal safety in their essential PPE.

When these listings are available, you can locate their associated product reviews on Rona’s website itself. This allows you to judge the quality of services by the seller in real-time. With that being said, the offered price itself is not always competitive due to supplier issues. This often requires you to do a quick market check before your purchase.

These factors also outline that the process to buy N95 FFRs from Rona isn’t as easy as purchasing them online from other shops, where you can find reliable products at the right price for doorstep delivery. However, as described in Amazon’s case, it is a good option to keep in mind if you want some variety in your supplier choices.

It Is Better to Go With a Completely Online Option When You Can

Due to the restrictions that come with sellers such as Amazon and Rona, you cannot always find your N95 mask supply right away. When you do stumble upon available stock, it comes with extensive purchase requirements.

This sets our first vendor apart with a positive distinction. Since the vendor offers original equipment at list prices without adding massive restrictions in place, it can provide you with a more accessible and more affordable experience for your healthcare facility.

This makes sure that even if you need to go through a typical shopping cart, it comes without additional limitations. As a result, you can add some comfort to your life during this grueling time and continue to care for your patients without added worries.