Buying a Casket? Here’s a Guide to Choosing One!

Buying a casket isn’t as easy as you think. There’s much that goes into choosing one. You need to find the right sizes, quality, stores, and price tags. It’s a confusing process. And it can be exhausting, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one.

But no worries.

Today, we’ll show you how to pick a casket. Follow the guide below, and buy a casket that fits your needs!


1. Define the Purpose

Does the deceased person wish to be buried? Or will they be cremated? It’s a vital question, since it defines the type of casket you’ll get. Some caskets are made to hold ashes. Others are designed to house the entire corpse.

How So?

Both caskets are similar in concept. But there’s a huge difference in price tags. Burial caskets cost anywhere from $800 to $5000 (depending on the supplier).

Alternatively, cremation caskets are cheap, costing less than $500. And they fit all types of deceased individuals.

2. Define the Size

Maybe you’re going with the normal route of burial caskets. If so, find a size that suits the deceased person’s body. Some caskets are made for adults. Others are made for children. And a third type is made for obese people.

Ask for Specs.

You need to know the load that a casket can bear. This is usually defined by the casket’s material. You can get a casket that’s metallic (highly durable) or wood (cheaper but good quality). Load is also defined by thickness. You need to find out how thick the metal and wood are.

Something else to look at is “degradability.” For a cremation casket, you want something that breaks down over time. As for burial caskets, you want an object that’s durable for very long periods of time. Be sure to ask before purchase. You’ll usually get a clear value. From there, you can define what matches your needs.

What if I Can’t Find the Right Specs?

Then you can always ask for a custom job. You can find a supplier that’ll design you a custom-sized casket. However, note that this isn’t an option for emergency deaths. After all, you might be in need of a quick casket.

In that case…

3. Shop Online

The internet is your best friend. It lets you easily find casket suppliers that are near your location. This lets you get the needed sizes, and with quick delivery times!

Other Advantages.

Shopping online also gives you time to compare. You can take the time to find the best prices. You can sift through multiple stores, discarding what is too expensive. But as a rule, you want caskets that don’t exceed $1500 in price.

If you pay more than that, you risk lacking money for other funeral procedures.

Any Recommendations?

Yes. We recommend trying

This store provides highly affordable caskets, and with quality. You can get the different types we previously mentioned. And you can get them in different styles too.

Plus, they have excellent delivery schedules. They’ll get you a casket fast, ensuring you quickly get on with funeral procedures!

Speaking of that…

4. Check Delivery Times

When shopping for a casket, you want to avoid slow deliveries. You can’t afford to wait a week for a casket. You need the item you bought within a span of 1-2 business days!


Funerals cause delays in people’s schedules. There are services you must attend. And you’ll need a full day off to organize and tend to one.

So you need to speed up the process as much as possible. It ensures less stress, and less time waiting!