9 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Cannabis Vape Pens


Nowadays, many people are buying vape pens to get rid of their bad smoking habits. It is a perfect way to consume cannabis. Getting an ideal product is a dream come true. Plenty of vape pens are available in the market, but it is complicated to choose the right one. Many online platforms like S7DAW offers amazing Cannabis vape pens of high quality.

It is essential to know some crucial things before buying them. In the following write-up, we will discuss those things and guide a detailed guide about getting a perfect vaporizer. If you are looking for premium-quality products, it is better to go through this guide and choose the right product wisely.

1. Good Airflow


It is one of the crucial factors that you must consider while buying a vape pen. The quality of the airflow must be good. It should neither be high nor low.

In the case of low airflow, you won’t get that much of a fantastic experience. On the other hand, if your device has increased airflow, then it can harm your throat. The draw must be cool and soothing to your throat. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure to draw it.

2. Automatic Switch Off

If you forget to turn off your device, it must automatically turn off in 15 to 20 minutes. It is crucial to preserve the battery so that it lasts longer. If you do not take care of the battery, then your device will soon get dead. If you always keep your pen loose, then it should switch off automatically.

3. Long-lasting and High Battery Power

The battery must be good in a vape pen so that it lasts longer. There is no need to charge it repeatedly. You must opt for a lithium-ion battery of at least 240 mAh. One can estimate to vape for at least a week without charging the battery. You should never compromise the quality of the battery.

4. Compatibility of 510 Thread


The 510 thread is necessary to make the device compatible with all types of cannabis oil cartridges. If you are quite picky about the oil cartridge, then you must look for this factor. Many brands help you to fit every type of cartridge in the vaporizer.

The thread is generally preferred the same for different types of cartridges. If you are not sure about the diameter, then you can consider less than 10.8 mm.

5. Three Settings of Power

When you look around the variety of vape pens, you will get many products with multiple power settings. It is necessary to have at least three settings for a better user experience.

Nowadays, it is possible to customize the device as per your needs. These settings will help in controlling the dosage of cannabis while inhaling it. In your device, it should have low, medium, and high. The settings must set at a specific power voltage.

6. Smart and Attractive Design

If the design of the product is attractive and smart, then more people will buy it. The vape pen must look good with attractive features and controls. In all the advanced designs, you will get a battery indicator that informs you to charge the device on time.

If you want to change the dosage of cannabis, then it must have those settings. Many people are addicted to it, and they cannot control themselves to do less vaping. In the case of quality settings, it is possible to control the dosage and do it for more time.

7. Charging by Using USB


In some vape pens, you can get a feature of USB port, through which you can charge the battery with the help of a USB cable. Such a charging port is quite convenient because you can easily charge the device no matter where you are.

The charging cords are available with magnetic that you can carry along with them. Now, it is possible to vape wherever required for the desired time without facing any problem of charging the device.

8. Style

Every person has a different personality, and one must choose a vape pen according to his style. When you explore the market, you will get various options, but choosing the best style is a complicated thing. But you should never settle for less. You must search for the right product until you get it off your style.

If we consider good designs, then you can pick the sleek ones with multiple colors and features. It is important to choose the one that matches your style so that everyone compliments you. Sometimes, a good-looking product is actually good in use.

9. Warranty


Like other products, a vape pen is also available with a warranty by many manufacturers. If your device stops working, you can at least contact the manufacturer and ask for repairs. No one wants to invest money repeatedly in the same object. You can get benefits like replacement or repairs.

You will feel good if you invest in the right product. Some manufacturers also extend the warranty period if you are done with the existing one. Whenever you plan to buy a vape pen, you must check the warranty of the product to ensure you are purchasing the right product.

The Bottom Line

A vape pen is available in different designs, colors, features, etc. It is important to note all the requirements that you want in your product. As mentioned earlier, you must go through the buying guide and determine all the factors before buying the vaporizer. It is necessary not to invest in a waste product that will be of no use to you after some time.

If you are investing your money, then you must know its worth. It is essential to buy this device from a decent place to get genuine quality, and no one is making you a fool. Start focusing on your requirements and target the best product you can buy from multiple options available around you.