Buying vs. building email list


Are you thinking about expanding your email marketing strategy? You are looking for ways to increase your email list and buying an email list sounds like an easy and quick way to get more customers. Whether you have just launched a new business or you are still growing an existing one, finding a quick way to success always sounds great.

And one shortcut that a lot of business owners are tempted is the idea to buy an email list. This kind of list usually included a list of email addresses, names and other data like income level od company name, and you can find these lists for sale anywhere. Since you know that email marketing is the best way to sell anything online, then should you buy a list?

Is purchasing an email list a bad idea?


Indeed, you shouldn’t purchase any list since not all email platforms are meant to send to a cold list. But there are special email sending platforms that are meant exactly for sending to a purchased list. A crucial part of this process is the list cleaning stage, is where all invalid and harmful email addresses are completely removed from the list. All data decays after some time, so invalid emails is not a sign of a bad quality list.

Benefits of purchasing an email list

– Scalebalility. You have no real control over the speed of building your email list because it completely relies on your potential customers to find you and sign up for your newsletter. Even if your traffic is very high and you are ranked great on search engines, the leads will still come at an inconsistent and staggering rate, which is fine if you are not in any hurry to build your email database. A purchased list can create the opportunity to reach hundreds of potential customers in a short time.

– Time-saving. One of the most compelling reasons to consider purchasing an email list is the speed of the strategy since inbound marketing can take a lot of time to generate an adequate email list.

– New audience. You can get lucky with an email list and bring in a completely new audience for your brand.

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Is an Opt-In email list a better option?


Targeted marketing is great marketing. An opt-in email list is built by your website visitors, this means that costumers need to enter their email address into a subscription form.

Benefits of an Opt-In email list

– Cost-effective. When compared to any other advertising and marketing options, email marketing is probably one of the most cost-effective tools out there. All you need is a potential customer’s email address and the right marketing strategy.

-Timing. If you just got a new subscriber (potential customer), you can instantly pull them back to your website with an automated welcome message through email. Communicating with your customers is a very crucial role in successful marketing.

– Commitment. It is obvious that anyone who chooses to opt-in to your newsletter is expressing interest in coming into a relationship. If you want to hold onto this commitment, you can include things such as coupons, sales alerts, discounts, etc.