Buying Window and Doors in Mississauga: Tips and Advices

Planning to replace your old doors and windows in Mississauga?

The process of finding such products can be quite challenging: homeowners have to take into account many different factors that can influence their decision.

In this article we have compiled 12 useful tips that will help you buy the right doors and windows in Mississauga and make a reasonable investment in upgrading your home.

1. Material

The first thing that buyers pay attention to is the material used for the production of windows and doors.

The right material:

  • makes your home visually more attractive;
  • lasts a long time;
  • provides the desired level of comfort, privacy, energy efficiency and security.

Let’s start with windows. To date, the market offers 4 types of materials used for the production of window frames: wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass.

Wooden windows are one of the oldest models that you have probably seen in residential and commercial buildings around the world. This natural material conducts heat poorly, thus providing the necessary heat insulation of your home.

Unfortunately, wood has a lot of disadvantages as a material for window frame manufacturing. It can not boast a long service life. It swells and deforms from moisture, and can crack from exposure to sunlight. Wooden frames need a lot of maintenance. In addition, such products are very expensive: the basic model costs $700-1000 and more.

If you want the windows to have a typical wood structure, we recommend choosing fiberglass products. Unlike natural wood, fiberglass is durable, strong and more energy efficient. Fiberglass products do not need any special care and their price starts from $350.

If you are looking for the most budget window frame, pay attention to the aluminum options. However, we do not recommend such a purchase: aluminum conducts heat and cold, which makes it a poor choice in terms of energy efficiency. There is often condensate on such windows, and they are prone to corrosion and scratches.

The best option is to buy windows from vinyl. They are durable and energy efficient, look attractive and have excellent functionality, do not need much care and are very affordable. Vinyl is the best solution for your home in Mississauga!

As for doors, they are often made of fiberglass or steel.

Both of these materials provide high safety and durability, excellent energy efficiency and stylish design.

The starting price of steel doors is $2500. For similar fiberglass products you need to pay $3500 and more.

2. Energy efficiency

Installing new doors and windows

Installing new doors and windows in Mississauga should solve the problem of energy saving.

Thus, high-quality windows of 100% unprocessed vinyl – uNPVC, as well as fiberglass or steel doors should protect your home from drafts, condensation, moisture, mold, noise and odors from the street. Properly installed door and window systems maintain a comfortable temperature inside the dwelling all year round and also help to reduce your energy costs.

Look for products with an Energy Star sticker, with which all energy-efficient products are marked. Also, ask your manufacturer to make a low-emission Low E coating on the glass that helps reduce heat loss.

3. Safety

Make sure that the products you have selected guarantee protection against intrusion, breaking, vandalism or accidents.You can install a double lock, a multi-point lock, a security bar or a Guardian lock on your doors. 

On the other hand, the Iron door is also one that you might consider. It creates a unique and elegant impression to make your home feel like an estate without having to modify the existing structure. These doors from a trusted  iron door manufacturing company are customizable to fit any entryway and are made from the highest-quality materials and available in a wide range of styles and designs that will capture the eye, increase your curb appeal, add value to your home, and enhance security.

4. Design

Choosing a suitable model of window structures, consider where they will be located.

  • Casement is the most popular model that can be installed in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.
  • For bathrooms or kitchens, it is worth considering awning windows, which open like a tent. Thanks to this, you will be able to ventilate the room, even when there is precipitation outside.
  • If you need windows that will be located near pedestrian walkways and gardens where it is impossible to install models with hinged sashes, consider the single or double slider or single or double hung. They have sliding sashes that can be opened even in limited spaces.
  • Basement windows are the most popular choice for basements.
  • If you want a very large window consisting of several sections-panels, opt for bay or bow windows.

For entrance doors, you can take standard steel or fiberglass products. Next, you can decorate them as you want using the original fittings and decorations.

In addition, you can choose a glass sliding door or a model with glass inserts, which are designed for installation in the courtyard or garden.

5. Size


Be sure to measure the size of your windows and doors. To do this, you need to take measurements of width and height at 3 points: in the center, at the bottom and the top. Also, do not forget to measure the depth of the door and window opening.

Ideally, these measurements should be taken by a professional installer.

6. Company experience

We have already discussed the main characteristics of door and window systems. It’s time to discuss how to find a contractor whose products and services will meet all your expectations.

The reputation of the company is directly proportional to its experience. The longer the brand is known in the market, the more it will value its reputation.

7. Reviews

This is another reliable method to ensure that the company’s performance will meet your expectations.

Look for customer reviews:

  • on independent feedback platforms;
  • on sites that publish the ratings of such companies;
  • directly on the site of the contractor you are interested in.

You can also ask the brand to provide references from previous customers.

8. Wide range

You already know what models of windows and doors will be installed in your home. Make sure that the contractor you are interested in has such products in the assortment.

Well, if you are interested in making some exclusive models, look for manufacturers able to implement orders of any level of complexity.

9. Fittings

This includes locks, mini-blinds, hinged visors and any other decorative elements that may affect the appearance and functionality of window and door systems.

10. Warranty

A good guarantee should protect your investment from any problems and additional costs that may arise as a result of failure or detection of any defects.

Discuss with your contractor:

  • Duration of warranty;
  • What exactly it covers;
  • Whether the guarantee can be given to new homeowners in case you decide to sell your property.

11. Lead time

Ask for the project timeline and make sure that it suits you and your chosen manufacturer.

Deadlines can vary depending on the season (summer is considered high season), the workload of the company and the complexity of your order.

12. Price

Vinyl Light Windows and Doors

The cost of such products plays a role. We recommend not saving money and starting with a medium or higher price segment:

  • $250-350 per window (there are also more expensive models, for example, bow windows cost $2000 and more);
  • $2500-3000 for the door.

To get the best deal and buy the best doors and windows in Mississauga, we recommend contacting the popular Canadian brand Vinyl Light Windows and Doors.

  • The company has been known in the market for over 16 years;
  • Customers of the brand highly appreciated the quality of its products and the level of service;
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Vinyl Light is your reliable partner in the improvement of your home!