Can Dak Prescott Avoid Sophomore Slump?

In the NFL, some of the rookies are usually able to make a huge impact in their first seasons, which can’t be said for all of the sports. There is no doubt that there are some rookies that just turn out to be busts right away, but they are the ones that shine in their first pro year. One of the players that shined very bright during the last year was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott.

The defenses really didn’t know what to expect from Dak Prescott as they didn’t have much game tape to work with. He was a new guy in the league, and he caught everybody sleeping. Now that he has played a season in the NFL, will the teams be able to stop him since they can now take a better look at things that he is not so great at?

Well, that might happen, but there are many reasons that are causing us to believe that it’s not going to be the case with QB from Dallas. Dak Prescott will be just fine. The Cowboys are really not asking him to do much on the field. He is not thrown into the fire where he needs to make big plays, or the team loses the game. They have put him in a great position to succeed, he is taking care of the ball and reading the defenses beautifully. Prescott knows his limitation and knows what he can and can’t do.

That is a big plus for every single young quarterback. He had only 1 INT while he was under pressure in 2016 so you know that he makes good decisions. The offensive line does a great job of protecting him, the Cowboys have a balanced offense, so there is no reason for us to believe that they are going to put everything on the shoulders of Prescott. They have no reason to do that which is causing us to assume that sophomore slump will avoid ‘Boys’ signal caller.