Super Mario Odyssey Release Date, Trailers, Impressions and More

There is another Mario game called Super Mario Odyssey, and it will be launched by the end of the year on Nintendo Switch. The new title will bring Mario to the location of New Donk City, which isn’t at all a take on New York City, plus there are going to be some other exciting places. Mario’s task is to prevent Bowser from marrying Princess Peach, and in order to do so, he needs to travel around the world in his Odyssey ship.

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date

The exact release of the Super Mario Odyssey is October 27, 2017. This was announced when the trailer debuted at the E3 2017, and you can watch the video below:

The trailer showed the ability to take players on an exciting journey all around the world. Mario is throwing his hat Cappy, and when you capture some object or a creature, you become that object or a creature. In the trailer, we can see Mario as T-Rex, a fish, a taxi and several other things and you as a player are allowed to experiment and capture different things.

Mario has a spaceship named Odyssey in which he travels around, and you need to unlock new Kingdoms. Several Kingdoms are presented in a trailer, and those include New Donk City, a prehistoric area and the Sand Kingdom. Finally, players will be able to use the coins they collect to buy different things. For example, you can use coins to purchase various souvenirs to decorate the Odyssey. Coins are unique, and you have purple ones for the local kingdom, whereas yellow coins are used in the Mushroom Kingdom, for instance.

What About Those Hats?

There are several ways in which you can use Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. First of all, you can use it as a weapon which returns to you as a boomerang. Secondly, you can throw out Cappy and direct it at your nemeses while it is in mid-air. Also, the hat can hover in order for you to cross a gap, so it has a role as a temporary bridge. Last but not least, you can spin Cappy around to get rid of the nearby enemies.


We got our first glimpse at the new Super Mario Odyssey with the release of the initial Nintendo Switch trailer in which some fans noticed some of the gameplay features. In the new game, Mario will stand side by side with humans, and we can see him swinging from lampposts and hopping over rooftops across the New Donk City. His job will be to rescue Peach from Bowser. Also, at the very end of the trailer, we can see that his hat has eyes, which means that it has to be sentient.

The gameplay is similar to the ones in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, as you go around the world, exploring and causing chaos. Moreover, you can visit a hat store in the game, which indicates that you can purchase other hats with a different set of powers or abilities.

Player Two Can Be Cappy The Hat

According to Super Mario Odyssey director Kenta Motokura, the game will feature a co-op mode, which the development team has tried to add to the game for a very long time. Now, they finally did it. The second player will control Cappy, and he won’t have the same controls like the one who is in charge of Mario. Note that the second player is not required, but it will definitely make your job easier as you travel through different worlds.


Super Mario Odyssey manages to hit a consistent 60FPS, and it renders distant NPCs as a 2D object instead of showing everything as a full 3D. The game is fun to play, and if you love Mario, you are going to enjoy this. Follow us for more details.