What Can Dallas Cowboys do to Improve in the Offseason?


Dallas Cowboys had a poor season, and they closed the playoff doors in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. However, seeing that loss coming was not a difficult thing to do since the entire season for the Cowboys was hot and cold.

There are some things that were good, though. It was going well for the Cowboys when Sean Lee wasn’t hurt and until Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension started, and they even had a three-game winning streak. Elliott led the team and he played really well, plus there is Jason Witten who is still productive at the age of 35. But the bright spot of the Cowboys this year was DeMarcus Lawrence who had 14.5 sacks and if something improved it was pass rushing.


However, there was more bad than good, and Dak Prescott failed to live up to the expectations this season. He set the bar high in his rookie year, but he threw a lot of interceptions and incomplete passes during this campaign. The offensive line isn’t as good as it was before, whereas the question of Elliott’s maturity is still hovering around.

Meanwhile, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been surrounded with the rumors that he would be fired, but franchise owner Jerry Jones says that this is not going to happen. Apparently, Jones thinks that Garrett is the right man for the job. As for Dak Prescott, he is still young, and he will improve in the future. Will this guy have a fantastic season like the one last year? Doubtfully, but he can be a solid quarterback and among the leagues top ten, especially when surrounded by that powerful offensive line.


What Dallas needs to do in the offseason is pick up a few players. First of all, they need a replacement for Jason Witten, and Trey Burton of the Eagles may be a name to consider. However, creating cap space may get in the way, since the team will be looking to give DeMarcus Lawrence a big contract. For the position they need, Dallas will have to turn to the draft. Finding Lee’s eventual replacement might be good since he is 32 and injury-prone.

Will Dallas reach the playoffs next year? Well, we expected the same thing to happen this year, but it didn’t. However, they are still a talented team, and they will be even more mature next year, so we’ll say “yes.”