Can Ezekiel Elliot Explode On Packers Rush Defense In Green Bay?

One of the key matchups in this contest between the Cowboys and the Packers is Ezekiel Elliot against Gren Bay’s rush defense. Numbers are there, and they show that Packers has had success against opposing running backs. Everybody says that this is a tough matchup for Cowboys’ RB since their opponents have stopped the run this season quite well. But are they actually good at stopping the run?

Let’s look at those stats. They are allowing just 9.5 Fantasy points per game to running backs while they are averaging just 42.5 yards per game against the Packers. Jacksonville ran for 46 yards against this team, Minnesota was able to get 35 yards on the ground, Detriot 47 yards while the New York Giants have had only 42 yards rushing against Green Bay.

But, when you look at all of these teams, you have to ask yourself just one question. Which running backs have they faced so far? T.J Yeldon? Whatever is left of Lions running game? And there is also injured Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, and if we ask you who is the running back for the Giants, you probably wouldn’t even know.

Packers haven’t played against a running back like Ezekiel Elliot, nothing on that level had hit them recently. And more importantly, they haven’t had a chance to play against this great combo of Elliot and Cowboys’ offensive line.

Ezekiel will have a good game against the Packers. They will not be able to stop him on Sunday; he might not post results like in previous games, but we predict that he will be one of the best players in this match. That still doesn’t mean that Dallas is going to win this game, but Elliot will do his thing at Lambeau Field.