The Minecraft Movie – Jason Fuchs is the New Writer

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One of the most popular games called Minecraft has inspired Warner Bros. to produce a movie adaptation. However, it proved to be more difficult than initially seemed. After The LEGO Movie was a success, Warner Bros. hoped that the new Minecraft movie would at least imitate that accomplishment. According to the reports, Jason Fuchs will come instead of Jon Spaihts as a writer.

Ice Age: Continental Drift, Pan, Lobo and Break My Heart 1000 Times are some movies where we saw Jason Fuchs’ contribution. Jon Spaihts also wrote great movies such as The Mummy, Passengers, and Doctor Strange, but it appears that Warner Bros. wants something different and hopefully Fuchs can deliver big time.

We don’t know whether this is a good or a bad thing. Fuchs was supposed to write a screenplay for the Wonder Woman, but it appears that Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg wrote it. Moreover, Pan also received some poor critiques, so the question arises is the Fuchs the right man for the job? It is too early to tell.

The director of the new movie will be Rob McElhenney. So far, he hasn’t had any experience when it comes to directing movies, but we are all familiar with his series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. McElhenney and Fuchs will really have to give their best since a lot is expected from the audience.

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Hopefully, they will create an original movie which will not resemble the LEGO Movie.
They will face a difficult challenge, considering that the game doesn’t have a plot and everything depends on a player. It is possible, however, that the movie will use something from the Telltale game called Minecraft: Story Mode.

Minecraft will hit the theaters on May 25, 2019.