Can Playing Video Games Be Your Full-Time Job?

We all know some examples of some professional gamer. Some of them have managed to make their hobby a very profitable business. By posting videos on platforms such as YouTube, they have managed to monetize their videos and earn large amounts of money. Although not all have the same luck and it is not easy to get to make gaming your way of working.

In order to get a sufficient source of income to live from playing it you need to have a lot of followers, be a great influencer. We usually think of people like the gamer known as El Rubius. He has managed to earn huge amounts of money doing what he likes, he has many followers and his fame has led him to appear even in television commercials like Fanta’s.

But getting there is not easy and many try to make a living like this and run into a wall. The reason is that there is more and more competition that reduces your followers. Therefore, as a gamer you must be the best or offer something different from the rest, win over fans in some way to attract more users that allow you to monetize your videos and make money from it. This is not easy, even less today, but we cannot tell you that it is impossible, you just have to find something that others do not do and enhance it. An auctionable strategy proven to have worked for Esports pros will help you with that. Click here to check out the steps.

The ways to be a gamer

Another way to earn a living also involves becoming the best gamer and presenting yourself at national and international competition events. That will make you known and rewarded with juicy rewards. There are more and more events, throughout the world, where gamers are increasingly valued (even companies scout them to offer them work).

If you are a gamer and you like racing simulators, then you can train to become a great driver. Maybe they have a chance to be a simulator driver for McLaren or drive a real racing car for Nissan like some have. Some racing teams are looking at the best racing gamers to sign them.

If you are looking to purchase the best PS4 racing wheels, check FPSBible for more details. The racing simulation games dominate because of the realism they offer in driving simulation; they allow gamers to learn the intricacies that will help them become a skilled driver both on the road and on the track.

And this also leads to another alternative: eSports . Fernando Alonso himself was surprised to see an eSports career on TV that he believed at first was real. Both McLaren with his Shadow Project (other F1 teams also have their eSports teams) and Alonso himself have their eSports teams with drivers competing in major events worldwide.

The most recommended video games to transform into a pilot are rFactor, Gran Turismo, iRacing, Forza Motorsport, and Real Racing 3. These ones offer quite realistic driving and are therefore preferred by motorsport companies and teams to use as a quarry for future pilots.

Also, to become famous on YouTube it is not enough just to play a certain game. You need to constantly have various add-ons and boosts, like the ones that can be found on, to make it interesting for people to watch your videos and to know if it’s worth for them to buy some of the add-ons themselves.

Another alternative to earn money with video games is to become a beta-tester gamer, that is, a tester. Getting paid to play is the dream of every gaming lover. And companies want testers for their titles.


A video game tester is in charge of checking that a new game is not released without first having found all the programming, translation or design errors, which can be many since the complexity of a video game is really monstrous.

To do this, you must play and play with the same product for hours, since your objective is not only to pass the level, but to find all (and it really has to be all) the possible plays for each level. The movements, the key combinations or buttons (even if they go against the logic of the game): everything must go through quality control that will make the video game not hang or give an error message at the most inopportune moment.

Some of the typical tasks of the tester are:

-Play the same level and try hundreds of possible combinations to find errors or bugs

-Check that the bugs already detected have been corrected

-Complete control sheets for programmers, with all possible details about the bug, so that they can correct it more easily

-Check the punctuation, grammar and format errors of the game, both in the original language and in the translations made for sale

-Collaborate with marketing and product departments with suggestions to improve it

These are some of the ideal characteristics of a good tester:

-Be passionate about video games and have skill (although it is not really essential)

-Be very patient, methodical and able to work independently without losing concentration

-You have to know how to work under pressure

-You must be able to solve problems on your own

-Ideally, you should be up-to-date with the latest releases and news

-Logically, knowledge of English, the predominant language in this industry, and some other, which may be Japanese or a Scandinavian language.

-To access a tester position it is more than likely that you will have to take a test, whether it is to work within the developer company, or if you offer your services as a freelance.

-The ideal training for a tester will be in the area of computing, design, and translation and localization. With training experience specialized in video games you will have a plus compared to other candidates.

-There is a recognized certification within the industry created by ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, with a progressive program of exams and certificates that allows you to demonstrate what you already know how to do at quality control level. You can do an ISTQB preparatory course for the first level, try your luck with the exam, and if you pass, you can put it on your CV and present yourself with better letters to the companies that interest you.

The certified levels are as follows:

-Foundation Level: access with six months of practical experience is ideal.

-Agile Tester Extension: from this level, it is a requirement to have the previous certificate and accumulate years of practical experience.

-Advanced Level: we are already talking about at least two years of working as a tester. It is further divided into three specialties:

-Test manager

-Test analyst

-Technical test analyst

-Expert Level: Requires previous certificates and five years of experience as a tester and at least two years as an expert in the area of ​​specialization.


But remember, you should not neglect your stable work or your studies until you are experienced in this field. Being a gamer who can make a living from this is not easy and can sometimes be frustrating if you do not know how to start. Some want fast money from minute 0 and that doesn’t work like that.