Can Sony Corp (ADR)’s ‘Premium’ Micro SDXC Deliver On Its Promise

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE), has undoubtedly, been a technology company that has pushed beyond the expected to build high-precision devices and gadgets. Sony Corp products have been synonymous with users who are willing to go the extra-mile and pay higher for ‘premium’ quality, like the $1,200 Walkman.

This time around, Sony Corp has introduced its micro SDXC storage card priced $160.

For those unfamiliar with selling prices of storage cards, $160 is nearly 5 times that of the best 64 GB storage card. However, Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) justifies the price for a quality which audiophiles will appreciate, allow ‘less electrical noise.’

How are Storage Cards associated with cancelling electrical noise?

Sony Corp’s high pricing of a typical 64GB micro SDXC for its ‘less electrical noise,’ has definitely set the world of high-definition audio consumers in uproar.

While informed users suggest that Sony Corp is technically correct, as the cards could be cancelling out much of the ‘noise’ caused during conversion of digital signal to analog signal. This is because of the ‘analog’ feature of headphones, where despite using digital MP3 player, the signals have to be converted to analog thereby causing certain levels of noise ‘disruption’ or electromagnetic interference which replace audio signal with noise.

However, Sony Corp’s claims that their SDXC will produce less of such noise.

Many remain doubtful about the ‘cancelling’ out noise from digital MP3 Players, by SD cards, when the listener is likely to be in an environment where other electronic components (such as power adapters of wifi router or the fridge could) produce much higher noise distortion than the SD card!

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) however, according to market response, does appear to have a good product, for enthusiastic audiophiles are endorsing the ‘organic’ tones of Sony corp storage card as against the ‘edge grain’ of other brands!