Can You Have Armed Security In The US?


There are many reasons why people would hire a professional security agency. People contact professional guards to ensure safety and security at their events. Alternatively, famous people hire trained guards if they have to protect their assets or protect themselves in a crowd.

What Is An Armed Guard, And Are They Allowed In The US


A guard is a security personnel who usually protects your body or your assets. However, not all guards are the same. Some guards can be unarmed, which means that they do not need to carry any weapons, and they are often spotted in residential areas where they just patrol the area or use cameras to keep track of malicious activities.

Armed personnel, on the other hand, are those who carry weapons like batons, guns, etc. At times they can even carry pepper sprays if the intention is to thwart an intruder. Most people tend to think that the arms rules are quite relaxed in the US and so anyone can wield a gun and become a guard. However, there are quite a few rules that a person has to abide by before he can become an armed security personnel in the US.

So if you want to protect yourself or your assets in the US, you can hire armed security if the agency follows all the legislations laid down by the states.

Some Rules And Regulations To Follow If Is To Hire An Armed Security Personnel In The US

The rules for security agencies in the US vary depending upon the individual state laws, and in some cases, there are local municipal laws for regulating arms as well.

Most States Require A Person To Have A Valid License For Carrying A Gun

Most security agencies hire people who have been trained and have some kind of experience in handling weapons before assigning duties. Also, the guns that are used by security personnel are supplied to them by their parent agencies, and all of these weapons are registered with the state authorities. So if you are hiring an armed guard from a professional security agency, then you can rest assured that the person knows how to use the weapon and that the weapon is legal.

There Are Rules For Carrying The Gun Openly Or In A Concealed Manner

Some states in the US allow a person to openly carry a weapon. And most people who guard important public places or those who provide top-notch security make use of this rule to carry their weapons in the open. However, in some states, a person may be allowed to carry his weapons in a concealed manner as well.

Security personnel might need to conceal a weapon when there is a threat to a person’s life. However, they do not want to scare away the common public by flashing a gun all the time. So if you feel that there is a threat to your life, you can talk to your security agency, and they will let you know what the rules are for carrying a gun in your state.

The Rules For Self Defense


The rule for self defense which is also known as the castle doctrine is applicable in most states in the US. According to this doctrine, a person is free to defend and protect himself and his property. And if a person feels that someone is trespassing on their property or is about to harm them, they can kill in self defense.

So, according to this law, an armed guard who is placed in charge of defending your body and property also gets a right to carry and use a weapon if he feels that someone is a threat to your life or property. However, this law does not allow any person to shoot and injure others at will, and a judge can get a weapon confiscated if he feels that a person made undue use of a weapon.

Restrictions For Semi-Automatic Weapons

Semi-automatic weapons are more efficient than manual ones. They are capable of firing many more shots per unit of time. At times these weapons have a huge magazine of bullets. However, specialized semi-automatic guns cannot be used by all people. In many states in the US, there are restrictions on the use of semi-automatic weapons.

Also, there is a cap on the maximum number of bullets that can be loaded into a gun. The rationale behind this move is that a security guard is hired to ward off sudden and immediate danger. So security personnel do not need specialized automatic ammunition, and in case there is a long gun battle, the federal agencies or the armed forces can step in.

So in most states, you will be free to hire a security guard for yourself, but that person will most likely not carry a huge gun unless you have some special permission from the state authorities.

Traveling With An Armed Personnel

If you are traveling from one state in the Us to another, you should be well aware of the arms rules in both those states. Some states in the US also have peaceable journey laws for travelers. These laws allow a person to travel with a weapon if they are passing through the state. So if you are traveling and have an armed person with you, you might be protected under the peaceable journey laws.


The rules for carrying firearms in the US are varied depending upon the state that you reside in. However, when you hire people from a security agency, they make sure that no law is being broken. Moreover, an agency hires a person who is capable of handling a troublesome situation without using a firearm.

However, an armed guard should only be hired if there is a significant danger to your life and property or in cases where there can be a rowdy mob. In all other situations, it is better to hire personnel who can simply patrol and check for wrongful activities using surveillance.