CancunCare Hotels And Resorts


Choosing a Hotel during a trip is a crucial task to do. Cancun is a place located on the coast of Mexico that is full of resorts and hotels. If you are planning a trip to Cancun oceans, then opting for a decent hotel is a hard job. To make your work easier, we have summed up the list of the best resorts and hotels located in Cancun, Mexico.

Best CancunCare Hotel And Resorts

Here is the list of the best 5 CancunCare Hotels and Resorts that are on the top listings in CancunCare Hotels.


Temptation Cancun Resort

According to, Temptation Cancun Resort and Hotel is one of the best hotels-cum-resort in Cancun. The resort is open from above and has a tremendous return rate when compared to other hotels. This resort recently had a 40 Million dollars renovation that caused it to be down for a total of 10 months. The resort is more of an adult themed hotel, which makes it suitable for couples and singles. There are several activities and tasks to keep the visitors engaged in the resort. Staff is friendly, and the daily nightclub trip is fantastic. As already mentioned above that the resort is adult themed and some of the activities include brief nudity. There are a total of three pools in the Temptation Cancun Resort. The sports section has volleyball, basketball and water polo. The restaurant is open 24/7 with an air-conditioned atmosphere which helps the visitors to relax after a period of excitement.


Golden Parnassus Cancun

Golden Parnassus Cancun has a sea view as well as a spa, which makes the trip an unforgettable experience for all the visitors. The resort is adult themed like the Temptation Cancun resort. The hotel has three types of room to choose from – Club room, deluxe room, and beautiful ocean view. Each of the room types has its features. The resort has an All Inclusive package that will provide you access to almost everything in the resort. Unlimited drinks, buffets, and water sports are some of them.

Imperial Las Perlas Cancun

Imperial Las Perlas hotel is just 35 minutes of travel from Cancun Airport. There are a total of 6 buildings in this resort, and a swimming pool surrounds each of them. Along with the hotel is a white and sandy beach that looks amazing at night. Each room in the Imperial Las Perlas Hotel has two comfy double beds with a guaranteed ocean view outside the windows. The hotel includes some water activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The hotel has a unique Carribean theme that makes it unforgettable to its visitors.


Riu Caribe Cancun

Riu Caribe Cancun is one of the best resorts and hotels that lie in Cancun, Mexico. It is usually preferred after the Temptation Cancun Resort. The resort looks like a mini-theme adventure park. The hotel has several services, including an All Inclusive Package that gives you a taste of every feature. The hotel has a total of 506 rooms, and a luxurious aura surrounds each of them. This hotel has more water activities than other resorts. Some of them are jet skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. This resort is suitable for people of any age. It also has Riu Caribe Kids Club that can help your kids to enjoy their vacations efficiently.

All Ritmo Cancun Resort And WaterPark

All Ritmo Cancun Resort And WaterPark is the only hotel that is a combination of a resort and a Waterpark. It has various exciting rides to add some thrill in your life. The resort is at a distance of just 30 minutes of Cancun Airport. The aura has a euphoric scent that is enjoyed by almost every visitor.



These were the five best hotel and resorts located in Cancun, Mexico. Temptation resort and Golden Parnassus resort have adult themes and are suitable for couples and singles. Imperial Resort is situated along the ocean and has an ocean view in all the rooms. Riu Caribe Resort is the only resort that has a club for kids to enjoy their vacation. All Ritmo Cancun Resort is a water park styled hotel that is a must try for all the Cancun tourists.