The Truth About Log Home Maintenance


Maybe you have a log cabin that you love to spend time in during all seasons of the year. Maybe you’re thinking of becoming a log home owner and want to know more about what it takes to maintain one. Wooden cabins are beautiful buildings that offer a unique natural experience that lets people connect to the outdoors.

Regardless of whether you own a log home or are planning for one someday, there are plenty of cabin maintenance tips that you can find useful. What’s more, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to this type of building, so it’s best to educate yourself about what it really takes to keep a home in top form.


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Myth: Log Home Maintenance Is Complicated

Sure, log homes need special attention based on their materials, but it’s not necessarily complicated to upkeep these houses. The most important thing to do is to clean it properly and re-apply stain approximately every three years. You do need to clean and dry the surface of the wood before and after staining, and you do need to keep dust, pollen, and mold off your logs.

Remember, there are always experts out there who can help you manage your cabin maintenance or even consult with you about what the best entryway systems and windows are for the amount of maintenance that you want your home to require.


Fact: You Should Wash Your Logs

Start your cabin washing routine by clearing out your gutters first. Clean gutters keep water from running down the outdoor sides and collecting around window frames or door entryways. What’s more, clean gutters prevent damage to the gutters themselves, which need to stay in good shape in order to keep away unwanted messes or water damage.

Once your gutters are clean, you need to wash the wood. This procedure is best done annually since it’s a great opportunity to remove any dirt, dust, mildew, pollen, and insects. You can wash your cabin with a gentle detergent and a soft bristle brush with an attachment for getting to the high places you can’t reach. Mix the wood washer detergent with warm (not hot) water and give the walls two washes to make sure you get everything. Wash it once going from the bottom up and once from the bottom down.


Myth: Power and Pressure Washers Are the Best Way to Clean

It’s essential that you commit to keeping your home clean, but you don’t want to go overboard. If you regularly use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of your cabin, you will cause long-term damage to the wood because you are ultimately forcing water into the wood. The wood will swell and you could end up with a serious case of decay.

Fact: You Can Make Your Cabin Last with Good Chinking

Chinking is a very flexible sealant that’s used to seal the joints between two logs. Done well and with the appropriate backing rod, your chinking should last for well over 20 years. Ultimately, log homes need a little bit of special care, but it’s well worth it for the final result: a gorgeous retreat that’s comfortable, clean, and settled among nature.