Captivating the Consumer: The Art of Using Storytelling to Make the Sale

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When you hear a good story, your brain has the power to reel you in and tune out everything else. Marketers who recognize this fact capitalize upon it. Consider why this is and how you can use it to your advantage when promoting a business.

Take Advantage of Biological Reactions

Our brains have been biologically programmed to pay attention when we hear stories. Many of the legendary marketers of the world are able to write a copy that includes a sizzling story. Human beings have natural hardwiring that allows us to memorize and recall the tales that we hear. A story can have both conscious and subconscious effects on others. If you are able to tell consumers a humorous, inspiring, or gripping story to market something, you can entertain them, gain their trust, and close the sale.

Invoke Strong Feelings

One reason that storytelling works so well is that the good ones rouse your emotions and teleport you to another zone. A story that tugs at your heartstrings has the power to invoke feelings of happiness, excitement, concern, or even action. When the consumer is emotional, it is easier to convince them to make the sale. Stories connect your brain with consumer and allow them to see things through the eyes of the people behind the company.

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You can attract consumers by radiating positivity and hope in your tales. It is important that all of your stories that are meant to provoke consumers have a positive edge to them. In marketing, your company must show that the products and services you offer still solves a problem or provides great service while promoting a cause. If you tell a story that is a tearjerker but leave your consumer feeling too depressed, he or she may not want to spend any money on your products or anything else at that moment. Finding a balanced angle for storytelling is key.

Showcase Your Origins

You can show the world where your company came from by sharing personal written accounts, voice recordings, songs, and video footage. Every step of the journey to starting and maintaining a successful business is meaningful. Sometimes, CEOs become established and then forget about the path that they took to get ahead In many cases, explaining the events or unique challenges that you or your staff overcame is inspiring to people who are considering supporting or buying from your brand.

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Tell the Truth to Consumers

Stories that sound believable are a lot more convincing than those that do not. However, business people should never lie to consumers in order to make the story better. Customers who find out that they have been duped by someone with a company who has stretched the truth just to get sales will damage the business.

Although a newbie web owner can throw together a product description, it takes talent and a gift for communication to write or share a good story that defines your brand and draws in customers. Sometimes, the way that one person tells a story over another person’s account of the same circumstances can make all of the difference.

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Support a Cause

If you decide to support a cause that you are passionate about, you can tell a story about it. Topics that have national or local support often gain the interest of consumers. Find a local person who embodies the cause and stands for the mission that you are trying to bring attention to. Consider offering a portion of your sales to an organization supporting the cause.

Having a system in place that allows people to buy from you and show their support is fundamental. Shopify allows you to customize mobile-optimized web pages that make it easier for consumers to give a donation, unlike the wavering mobility users face with theĀ Big Commerce system. When people are viewing your brand’s videos and posts on the go, they can contribute to the cause with a few clicks on their mobile device.

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Talk About What’s Trending

There are many people who find themselves caught up in the latest celebrity gossip, or local, and national news broadcasts and magazines. Some businesses choose to take advantage of this factor by sharing something very interesting, weird, or surprising to court the consumer’s attention. If you can find a way to connect your brand’s story to current trends, you can learn to stay relevant in a number of circles.

Embrace your story and use the art of storytelling in your marketing campaign. People all over the world have been telling stories for years to entertain, educate, and persuade others. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to be able to sell your products and services using the right perspective telling your story and defining your brand from the right perspective. The narrative behind you and your company has yet to be told.