Cardinals or Vikings – Who’s Under More Pressure?

Vikings and Cardinals will meet this week in a matchup that both teams need to win so badly. Vikings need to fight off Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions in order to make the Playoffs, while the Arizona Cardinals have some catching up to do in the NFC. Who is going to be under more pressure on Sunday, Palmer, and his Cards or Bradford, and the Vikes?

Well, even though the Vikings are sliding fast and need to stop the bleeding as soon as possible, they are still leading their division. On the other hand, we have this Cardinals team that needs to start making up ground right now. There is no time left for them to start finding themselves if they want to be a part of the postseason story. Every game is crucial, and every game is a must-win.

Cardinals will try to win that wild card spot. One of those is coming out of the NFC East, and that is almost a sure thing. We don’t know whether or not NFC West is going to receive any, but Cardinals need to do everything that they so they can put themselves in a position to win that wild card spot if it comes.

Even if the Vikings lose, they will still be in the hunt for the Playoff spot. If Arizona drops this one, their season is most likely done. That’s why Cardinals need to win this game more than the Vikings. It’s why they are going to be under more pressure than Minnesota.