Mortal Kombat X DLC Release Date & Updates; Injustice 2 New Info

NetherRealm Studios has not confirmed whether “Mortal Kombat X” DLC will be released by the end of the year, as expected, or not. At the moment, it is rumored that the developer pays more attention to the upcoming game “Injustice 2”. Many find this to be the main reason for “Mortal Kombat X” possible delay.

This game was first released in 2015, and it was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It has received various updates ever since and got mostly positive reviews. Eventually, it has become one of the fastest-selling games of the “Mortal Kombat” series. Its creator Ed Boon may be the one to blame for gamers’ impatience since he brought up the possibility of revealing some news about “Mortal Kombat X” soon on Twitter, but it’s been five months, and no official information has been announced yet.

On the other hand, “Injustice 2” has been given special attention. Ed Boon has been questioning the fans which non-Mortal Kombat character they would like to see in the forthcoming game. For the time being, Spawn is at the top of the rating list, but Boon has not confirmed yet that this actually means something and that the famous anti-hero will become the part of the “Injustice” franchise.

Mortal Kombat X DLC Release Date

It seems as if NetherRealm Studios still won’t make any official announcements about “Mortal Kombat X” DLC, but it’s been rumored that it will be released at the beginning of 2017.

What we do know is that another NetherRealm Studios’s project, “Kombat Pack 3” expansion, will be available soon, and, more importantly, it will be updated in a way to make up for some of the issues fans previously complained about.