Caring for Contact Lenses

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For years, contact lenses have been an answer to a prayer for those who didn’t want to wear glasses. Yet, as excited as they should be to have this alternative, patients sure don’t take care of them as they should. At least that is what the American Optometrist Association (AOA), and a survey conducted by leading market research company, Synovate, have learned.

“I see patients every day with eye infections and problems that could easily have been prevented just by taking an extra few seconds to wash their hands” claims Dr. Pat Del Vecchio. In the Synovate survey, consumers have admitted that busy lifestyles have contributed to the lack of care regarding their contact lenses. You can check some contact lenses on on sites such as Pure Optical.

Everyone knows they should wash their hands before putting lenses in their eyes, but 2 out of 5 admitted to not doing this. Even more astounding, 2 out of 5 also have admitted to “cleaning” their contact lenses by putting them in their mouth.

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Other bad habits, such as swimming with contact lenses, can have serious consequences. The American Optometrist Association claims that bacteria are known as “microbes” live in swimming pool water. These bacteria can lead to serious cornea problems, even resulting in cornea transplants in the most severe cases. According to Dr. Carmen F. Castellano, “Up to 80 percent of contact lens complications trace back to poor patient compliance with recommended lens wear and care guidelines.”

If you are a contact lens wearer, don’t throw them out just yet! It just takes a routine of good, healthy habits to care for your lenses properly. Here are some tips to keep your contact lenses clean:

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1. Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. The states that the majority of germs found on our lenses and in our eyes are transmitted there through our hands. Always wash with an unscented, anti-bacterial type of soap.

2. Use a good, multi-purpose saline solution for rinsing and soaking contact lenses. If your doctor recommends a certain solution, use that one. Do not use water, or your mouth, for these purposes.

3. Do not reuse your saline solution. Every morning, after putting your contact lenses in, empty and rinse your case. Refill in the evening with a fresh, clean solution. For more different options check

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4. Never swim with your contact lenses in. Do not go in a hot tub with contact lenses in either, as the water is a huge source of infections for your eyes.

By taking care of your contact lenses property, you are making them last longer and increasing their comfort. Every contact lens wearer knows the importance of comfort when it comes to contacts! Not only will the lenses be more comfortable for you, but you are taking proper care of your eyes, which is essentially the more important aspect.

Lastly, but of great importance, make sure you visit your eye doctor at least once a year and be sure to follow his or her advice. They are the experts in their field, and it is their job to take care of your eyes. By taking the proper steps to care for your eyes, you will prolong their health, and possibly even prolong the age to which you can safely wear contact lenses.