Why Carmella Didn’t Cash During Pay Per View?


The first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match ended with a man grabbing a briefcase and giving it to the person that he is associated with. It’s not exactly something that Smackdown Live writers should be proud of as Carmella should have been the one to climb that ladder and win it for herself. We knew that Ellsworth was going to be involved in some shape or form, but we didn’t think that he was the one that was going to grab the actual contract.

During the PPV, there were storyline talks about this win backstage, and we sensed that there was a chance that they are going to strip Carmella of the win. Her character now looks pretty dumb for not cashing in the contract right away since she knew that the prize she grabbed that night could possibly be taken away from her. Knowing that they should have booked her to win the title right way.


Had they made this decision, they would have a good heel heat on Carmella for taking the title from Naomi. That was the perfect chance to put her over as a true heel. Now, she is going to have to fight again for the prize that she should have cashed in on right away. Her promo during the Smackdown Live opening segment was her best so far on the main roster. Carmella was just hands down amazing during that event. Can you imagine her talking that way, but with the title in her hands. Can you imagine the heat that she would have gotten? That kind of heat is something that every heel dreams about.

After all of this, it just seems that WWE missed a chance to make a new star here. A legit heel on the Smackdown Live who is going to have a true heat. As usual, they have missed a boat here.