Charlotte Still Figuring Out Her Character On SmackDown Live?


It was a good move by the WWE to send Charlotte over to the Smackdown Live during the superstar shakeup that happened right after Wrestlemania 33. She has done everything that there was to do on the red brand and the move to SD is a refreshing one. Now, this girl has a new start, new people to work with and can continue being one of the best talents in the history of the WWE.

While she had a good first title reign on Raw, the storyline with Sasha Banks was a bit too long, and she was starting to get stagnant. Then, the storyline with Bayley prolonged her life on Monday Night Raw for just a little bit longer, but we knew that they are not going to get back to her as a champion right away. She put over other talents, then made her move to the Smackdown Live.

It’s also a good thing that WWE didn’t put the Smackdown Women’s Championship on her as that would shorten her career on the new brand. This way, we are still going to wait for that big moment when she takes the title and puts it around her waist. We don’t know when that is going to happen, which is a good thing. But, the thing that we also don’t know is whether or not she is supposed to be a heel or a babyface on Tuesday Nights. It seems that she’s also unsure about that as this is what she had to say about her character.

“I think that’s trying to figure out. Am I a good guy, or am I a bad guy? Am I still the dirtiest player in the game, or have I come to my senses and Becky Lynch has rubbed off on me? The girls that I’m working with are absolutely amazing. It’s not whether I prefer Raw or Smackdown; it’s more, ‘What’s my role? Who’s Charlotte?’ I think I’m still trying to figure out.”