Van Helsing Season 2 Release Date and Trailer!

Fans of Van Helsing rejoice! Syfy released a confirmation of the Van Helsing Season 2 in 2017! Following the trend of the first one, the Season 2 will also have 13 episodes. We are still speculating about the exact release date and newest additions to the cast.

Neil LaBute said in October: ‘It’s with great pleasure and extreme excitement that all of us involved with Van Helsing receive the news of a pick-up for a second season, especially this early in our initial run. We have a wonderful and terrifying road ahead planned for Vanessa, her allies and her enemies. I think this is a world and a story that can be sustained for many years and I am inspired to do so thanks to Syfy’s obvious trust and commitment in the storytellers, cast and crew. The team is very thankful and ready to go—ready to get back on the road to Denver and to spill a lot of blood along the way.’

Van Helsing Season 2 Release Date

The Season 2 is currently being produced in Vancouver and is said to arrive during fall of 2017. Stay tuned for more updates, we’ll notify you as soon as we hear something!

Van Helsing Season 2 Cast Additions

In a statement released by Nomadic Pictures (producers of Van Helsing), there was a claim that Canadian actress, Missy Peregrym, joined the cast of Van Helsing Season 2. These were their exact words: ‘We are thrilled to have Missy join our amazing cast of warriors. Her physical and mental strength as an actress adds amazing chemistry to our family. We are so happy to be working with her.’

Neil LaBute also had words of praise for Peregrym who will surely play a significant role in the crew for the upcoming sequel. ‘We are so lucky and happy to have Missy join the Van Helsing team this season.’ LaBute added: ‘The series thrives on female energy and power and we’re getting two barrels full with Missy’s talents. I can’t wait to see her jump into battle alongside Kelly Overton and the rest of the cast with all we have planned for them in season 2.’

Van Helsing Season 2 Trailer

Until we can enjoy the Season 2, we have to get by with this trailer (courtesy of Syfy). Hang in there fans, our waiting will soon be over!