Carmella Talks About Her Relationship With Cass and Total Divas Show


Things are looking pretty good for Carmella as of late. First, she won the first, and the second ever, Women’s Money in the Bank match and was able to grab that briefcase that is going to grant her a title show at any point in time. She was also able to get over with the crowd as a heel with her great promos after winning the contract at the pay per view. Now, she is going to be a new member of the Total Divas cast for the new season of the show.

She has talked about joining the cast and speaking with her friend Natalya about the show and about the tapings. Carmella was on board right away after she got offered to be on Total Divas next season. Nattie, as a veteran member of the Total Divas cast, has told her all the good things about the show and what opportunities could be ahead for them now that she is a member of the cast as well.


There are a couple of relationships inside of the WWE, but we never quite hear a lot about Big Cass and Carmella, even though they have probably been together the longest time. Here is what Miss Money in the Bank has said about her relationship with Cass.

“People don’t realize that we’ve been together for almost four years now and we’ve kind of kept our relationship very private and no one really knows too much about it. We’re on different brands. He’s on Raw and I’m on SmackDown, so we have to deal with the struggle of seeing each other a day and a half out of every week. It is a struggle, but we make it work. I’m excited for the fans to kind of get to know us.”