Carmelo Anthony Makes A Decision About His Status With The Knicks

New York Knicks have had a disappointing first half of the season. After a pretty decent start to the year, the Knicks are in a slump right now. Their defense is horrible at this moment and they can’t seem to beat anybody. All of that caused Carmelo Anthony to have a talk with Knicks’ general manager Phill Jackson.

Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause in his deal so he is the one that can decide whether or not he wants to leave the Knicks and the New York City. That was the topic of the conversation that he has had with Knicks GM.

According to some reports, he is only interested in going to the Los Angeles Clippers or the Cleveland Cavaliers. But, neither of those teams are his number one option. His most desirable option is staying with the New York Knicks.

According to multiple NBA reporters and people of knowledge, Carmelo Anthony has decided to stay put with the New York Knicks and will not waive his no-trade clause at this point. Even though the Knicks are a mess and it seems that he has no shot at winning the title there, he wants to stay.

Some might say that he is showing loyalty to the team, while others might point out that he just loves living in New York and doesn’t really care that much about basketball than some other players of his caliber do. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: Carmelo is staying with the New York Knicks.