Should Patriots Consider Moving On From Brady If They Lose To Steelers?

Tom Brady has had a great season after missing first four games because of a suspension. Patriots are one of the top teams in the NFL yet again and are positioned very well to make another run at the Super Bowl. After all, they are just one game away from going to Houston and playing in the final match of the year.

They are the favorites against the Steelers on Sunday. But, if they lose, should the Patriots consider moving on from Tom Brady? There are a couple of great arguments that should suggest that Patriots need to think about that.

First of all, he has had two consecutive bad Playoff games. Yes, he did play against two good defenses versus Broncos’ 2015 and the Texans one a few days ago. But still, that is a big deal. If he has another bad game against the Steelers, that’s three bad games in the Postseason in a row.

Secondly, his team really didn’t face a lot of great quarterbacks this season, and the one that they met in Russell Wilson ended up in a loss.

Thirdly, Brady is 39. They need to think about the future and a guy that they have sitting on the bench. Garoppolo has been sitting on the bench for three years now. If he sits for the fourth season in a row, the Patriots should consider either moving on from him or put him in the lineup. He is as good of a backup as you can have in the NFL. A lot of QBs that are coming from college don’t make it on an NFL level, and Garoppolo is a guy that has proven that he belongs in the league.

These are the main reasons why Patriots should consider moving on from Brady if he fails to show up against the Steelers.