Are the Carolina Panthers Done After Loss To Buccaneers?

Source:Bleacher Report

It was a strange finish of the day in Carolina last night as Panthers battled against the Buccaneers. The stakes were high, and the winner of that match would keep their season alive. On the other side, losers season is most likely done.

Bucs were able to exploit the fact that Cam Newton was in concussion protocol and unable to play against Tampa Bay. They walked out with a huge win in Carolina, and they are now sitting at 2-3. Not ideal for them but far better situation than for its rivals.

Panthers were on the losing side in this matchup, and they are 1-4 to start the season. This was the team that many picked to go to the Super Bowl and maybe even go all the way. Now, just a few weeks later, we are wondering if their season is already done.

With Falcons being up three games on them, it’s going to be tough to catch divisional rival. But, that’s not even the biggest problem that Panthers are facing now. Atlanta is for real, and their start is no fluke. They have already beaten the Panthers, and now they earned themselves a huge win over Broncos on the road.

Carolina is not playing well, their defense is just horrendous to start the season, and they need to fix it as soon as possible. They are also not protecting their quarterback well, and in that situation, he is not feeling comfortable and certainly comes from the field with new bruises every round. Cam is getting sacked way too many times. And that needs to change asap if this team wants to bounce back.

We are not going to write off Panthers just yet as they are too gifted to be as bad as they have been so far, but the squad needs to start turning things around next week if they want to make it to the postseason.