2017 Ford Raptor is Driven for the First Time


As the date of the launch of the 2017 Ford Raptor is approaching, we begin to wonder what it is like to drive this vehicle. We also want to know how the car behaves off-road and what it sounds like. Basically, we want to know everything about the driving itself. Many journalists could have found out all that at the 2016 Texas Truck Rodeo, but this journalist association event was not meant for the tryout.

However, Seth Goslawski, a Ford Raptor powertrain integration engineer, went for a drive so the guys from TheFastLaneTruck.com couldn’t miss this chance. There is no better driver than the engineer of the car himself, so he decided to give it a go at Longhorn River Ranch.

The vehicle is equipped with 3.5-liter EcoBoost six-cylinder unit that produces 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. The car has a high turbocharger boost and low compression because of a distinctive piston design. Turbine wheel and exhaust manifolds are also overhauled and updated, which also increases boost as well as temperature.

The suspension is also improved and it allows for 13 and 14 inches of travel in the front and in the rear, respectively. Fox shocks with 3-inch diameter are used to soften the landing after a little air time.
Long-awaited 2017 Ford Raptor will go on sale either at the end of next month or at the beginning of December.

Check out the video posted by The Fast Lane Truck here: