San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills – Week 6 Picks And Predictions

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There is a major change in San Francisco. Blaine Gabbert didn’t impress during these first five weeks, and coach Chip Kelly decided that it was the time for a change. And it’s a big one. Colin Kaepernick will start for the 49ers on Sunday, in Buffalo, against the Bills.

Kaep will give this game a special feel. And this match is now that much important. We all wonder how good he will be and will he be able to make the difference. San Francisco just can’t look any worse than they are looking now. And it can easily be said that Kaep is the best QB on this team, and yet he was on the pine. 49ers can only get better.

On the other hand, we have the Buffalo Bills who are on a roll after winning three games in a row. LeSean McCoy is balling right now, Tyrod Taylor is back to being who he is, and he is making his signature plays. His movement in the pocket is just great, and he can easily adjust.

Now, Rex Ryan will need to create a game plan for Colin Kaepernick. And that is the biggest, and only advantage in this duel. They can be unpredictable against the Bills. Kelly and Kaep look like a good fit and Colins should be able to run this offense just like Niners coach wants it.

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We are still going to pick the Bills. Colin Kaepernick will show his skill, and he will return decent performance, but Buffalo is way better team overall. It will be close in the first half, but Bills will pull away late and win the game 27:20.