Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Preseason Week 3 Predictions

A couple of years ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars surprised a lot of people by taking Blake Bortles with the number three overall pick in the Draft. There were quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel on the board at the time, and that was a questionable decision by the Jags. Now, we know that they picked the right guy between the two. His career started off quite decently as he showed a lot of promise and was on an up-and-coming Jacksonville Jaguars squad.

But then, something went wrong. It seems that this guy has not improved a lot in Year 3 of his career. The Jags spent a lot of money last offseason, but they have seen no significant results. Bortles started making a lot of mistakes, the ship began to sink, and there was nobody to save it. This preseason, he hasn’t impressed at all. As a matter of fact, Jags head coach has stated that the starting quarterback job is up for grabs.


Henne and Bortles are now going head-to-head in the Preseason, and this game is going to be very important. The teams in the NFL don’t like to have to go into the last week of the preparations without having their starting quarterback position all sorted out. It is likely that this is the game where both players are going to compete for one last time for the spot in the starting lineup.

With that being said, we think that this battle is going to cause all of the Jaguars to play better. This isn’t going to be just a Preseason for this team. They are going to bring the fight to the Panthers at home, and we are going to pick the Jaguars to win this game 21:14.