Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints – Week 6 Picks And Predictions

This is all off a sudden a game with highest implications on the NFC South. Carolina Panthers are in an absolute must-win situation. They have lost to the Bucs at home without Cam Newton so they’ll need their MVP back in order to beat the Saints. Another thing that is required for success is for their defense to back up offensive crew.

Saints have that high-scoring offense that they always had. Drew Brees hasn’t lost a feel, and he is balling just the way he was in the past. Pieces around him, especially on defense, are not good enough for this team to be successful. But New Orleans will be in this game just because of their offense and Drew Brees.

Panthers defense has shown a lot of muscle against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They need to keep performing at a high level. Even though Cam Newton was the MVP of the league last season, it was their defense that was the main weapon and what won them so many duels and made them Super Bowl caliber team.

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They need to get back to being just that. And a win against New Orleans is much needed both for the record improvement and as a confidence booster.

Cam Newton will most likely play in this game, and we are picking him and his Panthers to win the match. Newton will play like the MVP he was last season, and this defense will show up and support him. They won’t be able to shut down Brees and company completely, but they will slow them down just enough. In the end, we expect to add another win to Panthers while scoreboard will show 34:20.