Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants – Week 6 Picks And Predictions

This is one of the toughest games to pick this week. But not for the good reasons. Both of these teams have been struggling as of late, and they are desperate for a win on Sunday. Ravens are on a two-game losing streak, while Giants have lost three games in a row. One of these teams will be able to stop their bad series. Who’s it going to be?

Baltimore Ravens offense is just not playing up to their full potential. It’s not that they should be an offensive powerhouse, but right now they are ranked 22nd in this segment which is far under their real reach. And that is just not good enough for a team that has postseason dreams. Flacco is too gifted for them to struggle the way they are and then fire their offensive coordinator just a day ago.

They have had a favorable matchup to start the season, but now, against two potential Playoff teams like the Raiders and Redskins, they have struggled and lost. Steve Smith Sr. might be out for this game. If he is unable to go, Ravens will be in a world of trouble.

Giants are coming back home now after two straight road losses. They have faced some tough competition in Green Bay and Minnesota. Now, they are looking at a much easier task as the Ravens are not looking good right now. But, Eli Manning is not playing well as of late either. His decision-making is highly questionable, but he is also missing some of his guys.

They have spent a lot of money on their defense this offseason, and this is the week when their confidence will be boosted. Ravens are just what they need for this team to wake up and we are going to pick the Giants. We don’t trust New York squad all that much, but we also have even less hope for the Ravens and their offense. Odell Beckham Jr. will have a great game on Sunday and he, along with New York’s defense, will lead this crew to 30:14 victory.