Carolina Panthers vs. Washington Redskins – Week 15 Picks And Predictions

Panthers are definitely out of the Playoffs now while the Redskins’ postseason chances are looking pretty slim right now. They would need to run the table, and they need the Giants to collapse if they want to make it to the Playoffs. A win against the Eagles was nice, but thy need more than that.

Panthers got back in the winning column on Sunday, but it’s a little bit too late. Their defense has failed to meet the expectations, and they are going to miss the postseason just less than 365 days after playing in the Super Bowl. They are, along with the Cardinals, the biggest disappointment of the 2016 NFL season.

Redskins offense has shown that they can get the job done against the best teams. Kirk Cousins had an outstanding year and you know he is about to get paid this upcoming spring. Redskins are likely going to bring him back just because they have nobody to turn to but to him. A win here against the Panthers would again make his case as he is chasing those big dollars once the season is over.

Panthers secondary is their biggest weakness this year while Redskins are the team that is always looking downfield for a big play. Crowder and Jackson can easily sneak behind you and hurt you for a big gain. Newton will also get the chance to take some shots at Washington’s corners, but he will have to avoid the pressure that Redskins’ defensive line will put on him.

This game is taking place in the Nation’s Capital, so we are going to roll with Kirk Cousins and his offense to win the match for Washington. They look like a better squad than the Panthers while that home-field advantage is always a good thing to have. This is going to be an interesting duel on Monday Night Football in which the Redskins will prevail 28:23.