Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers – Week 15 Picks And Predictions


Talk about a high-scoring contest. Well, these two teams for sure won’t amaze you with their play on the defensive side of the ball. Sure, Khalil Mack is a beast, but Raiders defense overall hasn’t been impressive all season long. It’s Derek Carr and his crew that is responsible for all those wins that the Raiders have on their record.

Chargers season is over, but they are still pretty dangerous and can beat anyone on any given Sunday. They could easily ruin somebody’s late season plans, and that just might be what they are going to do to the Oakland Raiders.

Raiders are coming off a devastating loss on Thursday Night Football, but they need to regroup and win this match in San Diego. An extra time to prepare that they had will help them going into this matchup. Carr’s injured hand should be feeling better, especially in a much warmer environment than the one they experienced in Kansas City on that cold night.


Chargers are also going to be able to put up some points as Rivers is still one of the elite players in the game of football, but they don’t have as much firepower on the offensive side of the ball as the Raiders do.

Getting back on the winning track is what Raiders are going to do on Sunday. They are going to beat the Chargers in San Diego. A lot of points are going to be on the board, the final score of this contest will be 34:27 in favor of the Raiders.