Casino Games With Highest And Lowest Winning Chances

Casinos are amazing. Don’t you agree? They sure are. We all love casinos. The amount of games we have available today thanks to the widespread of online establishments is breathtaking. We surely have been enjoying what can be seen as a golden age of casinos. When people tough that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to put an end to them, they evolved. Today, the majority of players do their bidding online. This is the way Mandalorian would put it. No one can deny that playing games at an online casino are the best form of entertainment and that it’s immensely fun.

But, is having fun enough? Of course, it is not. In the end, it is all about making strides and winning. There are so many games to choose from, and when you play you’ll instantly have a good time, but with one condition – if you win. If you lose, the fun will fast be gone away. No one loves losing, and that’s another fact. So, what can you do to have frequent winning sessions that will result in the best possible time spent at an online casino?

You can educate yourself. Never save on education. That’s a great life lesson you’ll hear here today. Not all casino games are created equal. That’s right. They differ not only by their rules, appearances, and general terms and conditions. No! They differ in one important aspect you probably neglected. They have difficulty levels. Just like playing games on Nintendo. There are levels and layers to each casino game. Do you have a favorite one? Is it poker? Blackjack? Roulette? These three games probably fit in the mold of the most popular casino games of all time. You can check each of them at

But before you start playing your favorite game, you should consider one thing. Is that game easy or hard? Does it favor you as the player or the house? These are important matters. Sometimes it’s not about doing what you like. It’s about doing what benefits you the most. And that’s something you’ll love even more. What we’re trying to say is that’s vital that you learn what are the casino games with the highest and lowest winning chances. Once you know this, you’ll be wiser when choosing which games you play for a little bit of fun, and which ones you play to win. Let’s start with those that give you the best chances of winning.


The mother of them all. This is the game for every true gambler. Jason Statham loved it in the Wild Card. You should love it too. It is a game that favors the player the most out of all casino games. The rules are easy to learn and you’ll be facing only one adversary – the dealer. There’s no going head to head with other participants which makes the equation all that much easier.  This is where it’s important to note that most card games can be played in your favor. After all, they come with rules, and you can develop the necessary skill to win all the time. When it comes to blackjack there are many tips and tricks you can apply to give yourself the best chances of winning. All you need to do is to study the game a bit. The 49% chances of a win should sound good enough for you to try this game.


Let the dice roll. This is a table game that includes dice. You’ve seen it in almost all casino-related films. It’s the table that attracts the biggest crowd and where all the schemes begin. You have one player who rolls the dice and he’s called the shooter. The rest of the players only put their wagers. The chances of winning – are 50%. Sounds good right? Coming out is the first roll of the dice. The shooter needs seven or eleven to win. If he gets any other number he now has a point and he needs to match it before he goes for seven or eleven again. If you bet against the shooter or on him, you give yourself a 50% chance of a win. That’s great. It’s what makes the craps so amazing.

Slot Machines

Here we are on the other spectrum of this beautiful game. The machines that give you slim chances of winning. Yes, the RTP is as high as 99% with some slots and it usually goes around 94%-97%, which is great. But they need investment. You’ll never be paid out immediately by a slot machine. They offer a low house edge, which attracts players. They are also fun and shiny. The sounds and lights thrill the players. But are they wise to be chosen as your gambling investment? Probably not! These machines are highly volatile. The longer you play the bigger the chances that you’ll come out as an eventual winner. But due to their volatility, you’ll also be reaching the bottom of the pit before you reach the mountain top. There’s not much difference between the lowest payout on the slot machine and the biggest jackpot. With the volatility attached, you’re better off playing these games casually and for fun than as a means to earn some cash.


Another fun game. It’s a type of lottery. Every casino has keno. You have eighty numbers to choose from. You select anything between eight and fifteen. Sound great, right? The catch? It draws only twenty balls out of the pool of eighty. This lowers your chance significantly. You only win if you match with the majority of the numbers you selected. The house edge tied to this game is 30%. The one thing that makes keno great is that nothing happens quickly. You can win and you can lose, but it won’t happen in an instant. No, there’s a process to drawing the numbers, which is not happening in a matter of seconds. Also, if you manage to win, with a high number selection, the money can be great. But the odds of hitting a jackpot in keno are low, so it’s not worth trying. But, having fun is OK, so you should at least try out keno. You won’t regret it.