Can CBD Oil Help People with Asthma?

Have you ever wondered what kind of diseases is asthma? Chances are you have probably heard about it, since it’s a pretty common disease, according to many surveys. When it comes to this disease, the numbers are unexpectedly high. What do we mean by that? It’s been proven that almost every child has had bronchitis at least once in their lifetime.

If left untreated, or if the condition gets complicated, this is one of the ways to become an asthmatic patient. Even worse, chronic asthma that can’t be treated nor cured is the number one disease amongst the youngest, and it is one of the top five most common diseases and conditions among the grown-ups and elderly people.

That being said, it would be no mistake to say that asthma is a silent killer or at least something that makes your life significantly harder. However, even if you have heard about it, you have most likely never explored more than just a few simple information. But first, one of the main questions that pops up into people’s heads, is why is asthma so common and what causes it? Let’s dig into it.

You’ve probably heard about the main problem that asthma causes. Simply put, this is a condition that blocks your airways from doing their main job, and that is carrying air through your lungs and allowing you to breathe normally. What happens instead is this – your airways are more sensitive to certain things that surround us all, compared to normal people (people who don’t have asthmatic symptoms) and your lungs react to those things in a dramatic way. Dramatic for your health. Those can the particles of dust certain plants and many other things, but the list of allergens is so long, that people usually need to get tested on some of the most common allergens if they want to find out if they are reactive or not, or if there is something they need to stay away from.

One thing that is interesting about asthma is the fact that every person has a set of symptoms that are similar to other people’s, but every person also has a set of individual symptoms that only they experience. What’s the reason behind this? The answer is simple – every person has a different trigger that awakens their disease when in contact with that trigger. In real life, this means that two people who have asthma, will not experience the same symptoms, and those symptoms will not be equally intense for some, compared to others. Also, they will not appear at the same time, whether it’s a part of the year or a part of the day, and after they appear, they might last longer or shorter (this is being called an asthmatic attack) and finally, people may react differently on different types of medication, and it depends on their age, the seriousness of their illness, their immune system and many more factors.

When someone has serious illness such as asthma which may last for a lifetime, they usually try hard to find the best medications and treatments possible, all in order to cure their illness or at least keep it under control. Another thing that is specific about this disease compared to others is the fact that this illness can disappear and then come back after a couple of years, and this is something that cannot be predicted nor expected. Unfortunately, there are many factors that influence this phenomenon and one of them are hormonal changes or a weak immune system (or in other words, a huge drop in immune system).

There are numerous medications, treatments and inhalers that are being used to treat asthma but just as for any medical condition, they all come with innumerable pros and cons, side effects and other unwanted elements. This is the reason why many people try to find alternative solutions and ways to either prevent their asthma symptoms to occur or to treat them when they are present. According to, CBD oil is one of the best options that can help treat your both your accute asthma symptoms and your asthma in general, when looking at it longterm.

Considering the fact that CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people are willing to try it, instead of many harmful medications. Cannabinoid is a non-psychoactive substance that is known for many health benefits it provides, and only some of them are – helping with psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, it is a great natural pain reliever, it also helps with certain skin conditions such as acne, and it’s also been proven to help even the most serious patients such as patients who suffer from cancer, since it kills deadly cells that are causing cancer.

But that’s not all. The most recent surveys showed that there is a connection between recovery from Covid 19 and usage of CBD oil, on a regular, daily basis. The research showed that CBD oil helps reduce lung damage that can be caused by many different types of diseases, bacteria or viruses, and Covid 19 is most certainly one of them. The same goes for asthma.

One of its main purposes is to reduce inflammation, because lungs are the organ that needs a great flow of oxygen and blood, in order to work properly. When inflamed, all the natural processes are being stopped or changed, which affects the person’s breathing ability, the quality of air their body absorbs, and finally, their quality of life. Luckily, one of the inflammation regulators is being put under control when consuming CBD oil, which helps reduce the inflammation and as a result, reduces some (or all) the difficulties that people experience when breathing.

Finally, consumers of CBD oild that have asthma have noticed the changes in their sensitivity to triggers, which is one of the most important things for asthmatic people. When they are less reactive, they can breathe normally, and their asthmatic symptoms are likely to disappear faster, even if they appeared in the first place. If not, CBD oil is great for preventing allergic asthma problems, as well as other types of asthma, if the right dosage is taken. This oil helps the patients to both relax and ease their symptoms, which has been shown to be extremely effective. Have you tried it yet?