Celebrities Who Quit Smoking Cigarettes And Some Who Vape


Many people decided to quit smoking and turn to a healthier life, or at least a healthier alternative like e-cigarettes. Smoking is a habit that even the world’s biggest stars have failed to resist. Smokers know that cigarettes increase the risk of heart attack, cancer and various diseases, but they also know that it is not easy to quit. On this occasion, we remind you of some celebrities who have quit smoking and some of them who have switched to popular e-cigarettes. What are the famous “smoke lovers” doing recently, read below …

Stars Who Quit Smoking

1. Matt Damon


The actor was never able to quit smoking until he scheduled a session with a hypnotist in Los Angeles. After only three sessions, he stopped smoking. “He taught me that the reason we leave cigarettes, in the end, is that we watch cigarettes ruin our health. Once you understand the consequences, smoking is no longer an option,” Damon said.

2. Jennifer Aniston


The star of the Friends series was a smoker for years until 2007 when she decided to try extreme detox to cleanse her body. Then she stopped drinking coffee and quit smoking. As she claimed – it was all thanks to exercise – she started practicing yoga.

3. Giselle Bundchen


Many models claim that cigarettes help them maintain their figure, and Giselle Bundchen decided to give up this vice to commit to a healthier lifestyle. “When I quit smoking, I gained 14 pounds. So what? I prefer that rather than smoking – nothing is worth my health,” this beauty said.

4. Charlize Theron


The award-winning actress was regularly targeted by paparazzi when she lit a cigarette at glamorous events. In one period, she smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and after several attempts to defeat the vice, she managed to do so with the help of hypnosis and practicing yoga and Pilates.

The number of Celebrity Vapers has increased

Among people who wanted to break their smoking habit but failed – are also some celebrities. Some of them simply didn’t want to give up that kind of enjoyment, but still, they decided to move to a healthier alternative – vaping.

Many of them claim that after switching to vaping, they feel better, but also healthier and still equally enjoying the aroma and taste. The fact is that vaping has become an increasingly popular option. Today vaping has become a worldwide trend, and in some parts of the world even a sub-cultural phenomenon. However, it should be recalled that vaping came about with a completely different purpose. It was to improve the health and awareness of people about the harmfulness of tobacco smoke. And to see whether vaping has any side effects, visit Vaporesso. Whatever their reasons may be – world stars have accepted vaping as their choice. And who are the most famous e-cigarette users and what they have been doing lately – see for yourself! Be sure that you select a vape pen from a trusted source online – see more from Hemper.

1. Katherine Heigl


Actress Katherine Heigl was celebrated by her role as the cute Dr Izzy Stevens in one of the most popular series, Grey’s Anatomy. The world was disappointed with her sad departure from the series, after breaking her contract with ABC television in 2010. She said she had too little time for family. Catherine has been married to Josh Kelley since 2007, with whom she has two adopted daughters, and in January 2017, she had her first biological child. The actress enjoys parenting and family life. A little less known is that she also enjoys vaping. However, she has repeatedly spoken publicly about her battle with cigarettes. She tried patches, gum, medication and various other methods, but only with vaping did she manage to get rid of classic cigarettes.

2. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp had many private-life-falls in recent years. After a four-year relationship with top model Kate Moss, he was in a 14-year relationship with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, but they split up. They have two children and they remain in a friendly relationship. In contrast, Amber Heard, his ex-wife accused him of physical and psychological abuse. The two of them had only been married for 15 months. The actor was crucified in the world media. And then, who wouldn’t light a cigarette? Maybe you, but not Johnny anymore. He quit smoking more than two and a half years ago. After that, he switched to vaping, and he seems much better now. It seems he finally has the strength to leave the ugly past behind and move on. This year he was also promoting his new film, Waiting For The Barbarians. He looked flawless. It seems that this particular project will bring him back to Hollywood, where he left off.

3. Katy Perry

source: Pinterest

According to People Magazine, Hollywood couple Katy Perry and Orlando Blum plan to exchange their vows by the end of the year. The couple entrusted the organization of their wedding to specially selected organizers. Katy is in charge of most things related to the organization, but Orlando is also involved with the planning. The future bride mustn’t be under stress. And if it does happen, a little vaping will help Katy get rid of it. Sure, we are joking a little, but there is a bit of truth in every joke. Katy started with vaping as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Cigarettes are known to have a bad effect on skin-complexion, freshness and beauty. Since the wedding is near, the future bride certainly wants to shine. Rumours are that the wedding will take place in December. The famous couple revealed their engagement on Valentine’s Day. The ring that Kathy received from Orlando cost a dizzying $ 5 million.

4. Britney Spears


After the disastrous year she experienced, Britney Spears was caught on a romantic night out with her current boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Fans immediately became aware of the changes they had seen on Britney. Specifically, the singer changed her distinctive blonde hair colour and become a black magic woman! Fans say this is her way of dealing with the current situation that has troubled her. Besides, Britney allegedly quit smoking and switched to vaping, since this is a far healthier option than cigarettes.