How Interior Design Affects Your Mood

Interior design is a massive part of your home. The way your home looks and is decorated can have a huge impact on you, your family, and your guests. One of the biggest ways interior design plays a role is through its effect on people’s moods. Interior design can greatly influence one’s room, completely altering how one feels depending on how the room looks. The design of a room affects how you feel in a variety of ways, all adding together to shift your mood in a certain direction. According to Redfin, whether you’re designing a New York townhouse or Fort Lauderdale real estate, interior design will play a major role in how you feel. So how exactly can the way your home look change how you feel? Here’s how interior design affects your mood.


When it comes to interior design, lighting may be one of the most important aspects relating to mood. It’s no secret that happy moods are often associated with bright glowing lights and bad moods are often associated with little light and darkness. As such, you want to ensure that your interior design allows for plenty of light into the room. There are plenty of ways you can go about this. For example, you can add new light fixtures such as a chandelier or a lamp. Alternatively, you could do something such as alter your windows, change your curtains, or install a skylight. Lighting is a huge part of a room’s mood and atmosphere, making it an extremely important aspect of interior design.


Another important aspect of interior design is the room’s colors. Just like with lighting, a room’s colors can have major effects on the overall mood. Typically bright colors like white are associated with good moods and purity while colors like gray and black are more somber and dark. If you’re looking to elevate the mood of your room, then perhaps switching your room’s color scheme to something lighter will do the trick. The warmer and lighter colors will make your room appear much more inviting and will greatly brighten the mood.


Our sense of smell is an extremely important part of our lives, yet it is often underutilized and under-appreciated. Scents have often been known to invoke memories and emotions, making them the perfect way to change a room’s mood. Scents seem to have a special way of making people feel nostalgic and reminiscent. If you really want to alter the mood of a room, try changing the room’s scent. There are plenty of scents that you can choose from, and all can invoke a different memory or emotion from different people. This makes altering a room’s scent a great way to affect the room’s overall mood.


An extremely underrated aspect of how a home’s design makes you feel is the home’s safety. Humans naturally love to feel safe and secure, one of the reasons that we love our homes so much. However, in certain areas crime rates are high and safety in the home is a real concern. In scenarios like this, safety becomes a vital part of interior design. Things like security systems or cameras can be used, as well as things such as advanced electronic locks. This may seem like over the top, but the added safety can really make people feel peaceful and secure while they are inside.