Cena Explains Why New Wrestlers Might Struggle In The WWE

Source: www.wrestling.org.in

John Cena has been the face of the company for almost fifteen years now. When you thought about the WWE in the past decade, the first association with it was Cena, there is no doubt about that. Even though he is still a hero to a lot of the children, there is no question that he is taking a step back now to the newer talent in order to put them over and get them going on the main roster.

In the past couple of months or a year, he has put over some new and younger guys in the WWE. AJ Styles always comes to mind first as Cena himself has said that signing indy stars by the WWE reached its highest point when they landed The Phenomenal One. Just recently, he has put over Nakamura on the blue brand and Roman Reigns during the No Mercy pay per view.

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All of those guys are doing just fine on the WWE TV, just like some other wrestlers that have worked with Cena before, including Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. But, there are some that just can’t find their footing on the main roster. Cena might be the one to know why that is the case.

“I’d go as far as to say NXT is a different animal. All those promotions that Edge mentioned, I’ll include NXT in that fold, those are fans that actively gravitate towards ‘professional wrestling’ and that’s why certain styles are appreciated and certain performances are appreciated. And then, you get to WWE and I think that bundle of responsibility that you talked about also includes using your skills to tell those stories to a general public, a global mass, who say ‘oh man, I’ll see what’s on WWE tonight. I’ll see what’s on Raw or Smackdown tonight.”