Cena Officially Challenges The Undertaker To Face Him At Wrestlemania


We have to admit that WWE has done a good job with John Cena and his road to Wrestlemania. First of all, he doesn’t need to hog the main event spot or take away from some of the young guys by beating them at Mania. He also doesn’t need to be in the championship match right now.

WWE has made a good call by not having him there. What they did is to utilize the fact that he is a free agent that roams from brand to brand to the perfection. He was trying to earn a spot in the championship battle with Lesnar at Elimination Chamber but failed. Then, he tried to become the WWE champion, but also failed and remained without a match.

Before he went to the blue brand, Cena stated that he would like to challenge The Undertaker, but he knew that the match couldn’t happen because The Dead Man is not in a condition to fight. Then, when he lost the title battle and saw that his only way to Wrestlemania is to go toe-to-toe with the Phenom, he issued an official challenge and the fans in the arena went berzerk.


It actually makes sense for these two to fight at Mania. We have never seen them battle it out at the grandest stage of them all. Taker has faced many opponents and had some great moments at Wrestlemania, but he has never fought the biggest babyface of the modern generation and the number one guy in the company for the last 10-plus years.

This looks like the final chance to see them in the ring, and we hope that WWE is not just teasing that match. We will have to wait until next week to get more answers about this.